Finally Diagnosed Hypothyroidism after having baby BIG THANKS to everyone and their support i really could not of done it without you !

Hi iv been unable to get diagnosed for hypothyrodism for months now and today i finally got the help i desperatly needed and the thyroxine 50mg tablets that i think my body needs to start my recovery, and its thanks to this wonderful website, after my ongoing battle of getting anybody to listen and a diagnosis of hypothyroidism after my baby. Shaws and other members advice has been so helpful i went again to different GP armed with blood results blue horizon private tests of tsh and ft4 blood results historical blood results a list of symptoms he was very impressed and aplogised that had taken such effort to get the help i needed and i still have my specialist appointment in 5 weeks but its a result and hopefully a start of getting better and having a life again thanks everyone for your support and advice its meant a lot it s a big step forward and a good day today


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  • That's fantastic news that you're finally getting the help you need :) They are a fantastic bunch of people on here. I'm so pleased that you were able to get the help and advice you needed to fight this battle.

    Carolyn x

  • Well done and thank you for letting others know there is hope if we keep trying!

    Looking back I see you had a TSH of nearly 10 - so no wonder the doctor apologised, you should have been treated straight away - you must have been feeling awful - hope you feel better soon! Best wishes Jane :D

  • Sara, well done for persevering and am glad things are now working in your favour. Always get copies of your blood tests for your own records and so you can post them if necessary. You should have another increase not later than about 6 weeks. It will be gradual but what you have gone through should NOT have been necessary, particularly after giving birth.

  • well done, I am so so pleased for you. Good luck with your recovery and your new life, what a great result :-)

  • Fantastic, made up for you. I bet it was such a relief not having to battle anymore.

    I'm 7 weeks now on 100mg thyroxine and last Monday was the day normality kicked in. Felt worst first couple of weeks, but all my energy is back at the moment. So don't be disappointed at first.

    You will feel normal again!! Xx

  • thanks sparkly it was such a relief your right so glad have my little box of tablets to start in the morning thats so fantastic you feeling better and your energy is back im really chuffed for you i cant wait till i can say that i will keep what you said in mind when i start taking them

    thanks again for posts


  • Hi Sara - just to say that when next blood test is due take your medication AFTER it and not before.

  • thanks shaw i really did not think of that that very helpful


  • Well done to you , lovely :)

  • thanks everyone for your posts such lovely responses i hope it may help somebody with my journey so far and still got a way to go but dont give up the fight to get diagnosed and if your gp wont help try another!


  • Thats wonderful news hun! Big hugs xx

  • thanks so much fingers crossed on right road now hope your doing ok

    big hugs saraxx

  • Congratulations Sara xxx I have got my symptom list, my Blue Horizon test results, and a Basal Temp list, see my new GP next Tuesday, as my old one blamed everything on my fat, but the he 'diagnosed' me as having CFS, then proceeded to blame everything on my 'condition'!!

    Can I ask, what was your TSH result from Blue Horizon?

    Ann xx

  • hi ann i really hope you get sorted next tues best of luck what a horrible gp best rid. my tsh was 9.5 and ft4 9.7 there abouts . i also took a print off from the thyroid uk website which was under the about testing tab then thyroid blood test guidelines and also interpretation of blood tests bit i found this useful as it gives lots of information and gives you something to go off sorry i dont know how to paste a link i will have to learn when i find my brain if you get stuck there in my previous posts that people have sent me.I did find that cool and calmer approach helped a lot rather than letting all my emotions takeover i burst into tears my first appointment i was that fed up i stuck to the facts this time i also got a little letter with my blue horizon test saying that treatment was indicated with the results that seemed to help but my tsh was high my thoughts are with you dont give up you will get there


  • Hi Ann, I too was diagnosed with cfs by a rheumatologist. Have had hypo symptoms for many years, only to be told "blood test within range". Started with severe fatigue and no energy in December, yet again GP tells me it's depression. I know it's not. No further help given. I find a local cfs clinic, have to be referred by GP. If it wasn't for this place I would still be undiagnosed and really ill. The consultant was lovely and so was the rest of the team. If I did have cfs I would be very happy to be under their care. The recent private blood test was only just over range.

    TSH 4.27 (0.4-4.2)

    FT4 13.8 (12-24)

    He wrote to GP suggesting I start on thyroxine before he refers me to an Endo he works alongside with. GP would not. I had to go private as the wait was to long and I was so ill.

    I really did not expect to be diagnosed with blood results like that, but I did. My consultant was very thorough and examined me. It turns out I had slow ankle reflexes, he was surprised given my blood results, but thats what won it for me. It has been a very long battle but am finally on the books. I'm now on 100mg and at last have my energy back.

    I know you are waiting to see your new GP and I wish you all the luck. I do think we might live in the same area, so if you would like any details please pm me. Xx

  • Change your GP. I believe he has caused you more ill-health. If you have symptoms and a rising TSH he should have followed the rheumatologist's advice. Some are afraid of losing their livelihood - never mind about the patient's health. A couple of links:-

  • sparkly i just wondered just to be nosey whats your latest blood test figures if you got any yet with your journey so far are they treating you the thyroid tables guidlines or til you feel better with no symptoms

    thanks saraxx

  • Excellent news. Perseverance and correct testing are the keys. Don't be surprised if you feel worse to start off with. I had the most horrendous low blood sugar attacks to start with. I took it as a sign that something was happening and things were changing and persevered.

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