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TT 2 weeks ago

Hi all. I had a tt on 23rd July due to painful, enlarged, nodular thyroid (Hashi's) Just wondered if others had a lot of swelling under the scar?

The lump is quite hard and actually bigger than the goitre was! Also externally the incision site is bumpy and i won't venture out in public without a little scarf. I am seeing the surgeon on Friday, but wanted some 'real' info first from you guys xxx

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Did you have a drain in after the op? My scar was quite lumpy for a few months where the clip came out but it gradually resolved and is practically invisible now 2 years on.


Hi debjs - yes I had 2 drains - one at each end of the incision, which had 40ml in each when they were removed. The thing is, it's actually quite uncomfortable - the pressure from the lump is very similar to the way the goitre felt; pressure on my oesophagus and difficulty swallowing food/tablets xxx


If it gets worse before you see your surgeon I would see your GP. I just wondered if you have a collection of fluid there. My drains were much lower down just under my collar bones and the surgeon said this was because fluid sometimes collected under the wound but I guess all surgeons do things slightly differently. I am no expert though and if it affects your breathing at all don't wait until Friday. The nurse at my outpatient appointment told me to massage my scar with my face cream when I put it on and I think that helped. It is very early after your op and I think it took several weeks before the lumpiness went and about a year before the scar faded. I had a loose skin turkey gobble where the goitre was removed but that has gone now too!


I had TT on 24/6 and yes I have fluyid now under the scar right at the front , I didn't have drain on it. Very annoying as I also got the 'good old strangular preassure' back , just been for my 6 week check -up and booked for a scan ( which will of course take 3 weeks at least) I was told it might go on its own but no - one was prepared to drain it as its right on my windpipe. Quite fed up as I was looking forward for my recovery !!!


Thanks for your kind replies folks! Eek debjs - turkey gobble? Glad it went away! Sorry to hear that you're having troubles thyroidhell - I really hope you can get it sorted and have a full recovery xxxx I guess the surgeon will be able to assess the lump & tell me how 'normal' it is......prob be wearing a neck scarf for a while yet.xxxx


Hi I had my TT last year no one prepare you for the little problems that occur.

I had two drains in my scars were painful and lumpy for a long time after surgery.

I used bio oil on the year on my scar is nearly invisible.i still feel constriction in my throat like I had when I had my goitre.My GP suggested this was because I was anxious!

My levels are the same as nickybee and my GP wants me to drop to 75 I have tried but felt awful I have gone back to 100 ( but haven t told him yet)

Also since having my TT my cholesterol level has gone up another reason for me not wanting to be on lower dose.

I m afraid nickybee you will have to be patient it takes a while for every thing to settle down

Good luck,



Thanks guys - I've been hearing about bio oil and I'm going to get some ASAP! This morning, I feel able to cope more with the way the lump feels and I can wait until I see the surgeon tomoz. I'll let you know how the appointment goes. xxxxx


My god how awful for you all.

I had no drains and no issues. My incision was glued

. I certainly had no swelling after and I don't think it's usual. See someone tomorrow, call your GP



I had a partial on 01.08 and like yourself had a lumpy swelling which was agony and i am certain this was from the way they removed the drain after it getting stuck.

I have been to the docs as the pain was terrible and was advised this is a seroma (build up of fluid) and will settle 1-2 weeks time. To take an anti inflammatory (diclofenic) which i am still taking.

So far have seen no change if anything looks swollen right in the centre, but will like i was advised give it time!!

Hope you are all feeling better and wish you well.

Take care