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IBS Glucomanna Highly Recommended!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a tip, I've been struggling with constipation for years and tried all possible diets and products available out there, no one really help enough and often they made symptoms even worse. I finally tried Glucomannan which is the root of a japanese veggetable, I think, and can't believe the results. It's soluble fibre like psyllum husks but for some reason psyllum made me horribly more bloated and this one doesn't. I highly recommend it. I bought a bottle of capsules on ebay, but you can also buy it in flower and pasta. I haven't tried these two but I read they are even better to treat constipation. The capsules I get are 100% natural, I guess if they work is because is just the flower in a capsule. Best of lucks & Wish you an easy day!

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I am glad you have finally found a product which resolves your problem. Take it well away from your thyroid gland hormone as you don't know whether it will interfere with the uptake but am sure it will be o.k.


Hi Smily, Thanks for that.x


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