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has anyone tried Kombucha with being hypo?

i used to brew it years ago and was producing gallons of the stuff but mum became ill and i let my stash go and killed it off

ive just brought some more and had my first glass today and it was yummy

ive read good and bad points on it and have contacted someone who knows all there is to know on kombucha and ive decided to give it a go as there are many many other health benefits

once i have enough im hoping to try and get it going using molasses

ive added a pic of the new scoby's or mushrooms whatever you like to call them that i have grown over the last week

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Yes we've tried it. Found it very easy to make, but not sure if it does any good or not. It is supposed to balance gut health, but I can't say I've noticed any difference. Which information sources have you found about it - I'd be interested to know. Mine keeps reproducing new scobies every time I turn around! Jane x


i cant remember where but someone was drinking the tea and lowered her TSH without medication the dr demanded that she stopped whatever she was doing, some pages say it does no good, i figured id give it a whirl as ienjoy the taste, just need to dig deep in the cupboard and find my big jars


This is a link I have just read:-


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