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blood tests can anyone help

I have been on and off statins for 2 years and suffered with side effects so i have come off them

i have had these bloods done and get the results back this week i am 48 years old female 7 and a half stone and 5 feet one what should my levels for the bloods be ? B12 ,ESR ,GL ,CRP and CK this is all what is being looked at because of the side effects i have had please if any one knows what the levels should be at i would be very gratefull

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What you have to do is, after your blood test results are through, get a print-out from the surgery and post them on a new question. Labs throughout the country differ.

Are you hypothyroid? Higher cholesterol is a clinical symptom and usually comes down when on optimum medication without statins.


i have genetic form type 3 hyperlipidemia no other illness in 46 years


i will have to get a print out of the bloods to take with me to the hospital .what is optimum medication ?


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