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GP keep lowering my thyroxine each 3 months after blood tests. Should he be referring me on to an endo?

I have hypothyroidism which has been treated for about 20yrs now with thyroxine. The dose steadily increased over the years to 175mcg. In 2012 I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and started treatment with methotrexate. In January this year my blood test showed I was receiving too much thyroxine and was told to drop the dose to 150mcg. In April I was tested again and told to drop to 125mcg. In July I was tested and told to drop to 100mcg. I don't know if it's the over treatment or my RA meds but my hair is painfully thin and really upsets me. I have also spent the past 2 yrs working really hard to lose 6st but since January I've not been able to lose a thing. In fact I have to live on a calorie controlled diet just to maintain my weight. I can't understand why after all this time it's taking so long to get the right dose sorted. Could anyone offer words of wisdom on this. I have posted previously a while back but had no blood references but now I have the results from April and July.

April 2013 - TSH 0.10 / T4 23.3 / T3 4.2

July 2013 - TSH 0.10 / T4 20.5

Any advice would be much appreciated. As part of my RA treatment I have regular fbc's and these have been fine.


Paula x

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Some people need a slightly suppressed TSH to feel better. This is a link and if you cursor to the question dated January 25, 2002, you will see an explanation against adjusting meds due to your TSH. Bearing in mind that before the TSH blood test, patients received doses of between 200mcg and 400mcg but nowadays they are prescribed much less. There are other topics at the top of the page, some of which may be helpful.

There is a booklet on Amazon by Dr Toft which may help you with your GP and the following is a quote from a buyer:-

I don't agree with everything in this book but it was helpful when talking to my doctor about blood test results, after she wanted to reduce my medication. Dr Toft gives clear information of how to interpret results and also explains that some people only feel well on higher doses of medication than blood tests would suggest. The book is published in association with the BMA.


Thanks for your reply Shaws. There really is so much to learn on this and I've been putting it off in favour of learning about the RA but I think now is the time to get educated. I'll look up the book you suggested. I do believe I was over medicated as I developed a recent heart murmur and my heart rate was hitting over 200 during gym sessions making me very dizzy. Thanks again. Paula x


Hi Paulywoo,

There might be something in this thread of use to you, was discussion on RA and hashi's and other things:!/#thyro...



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