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Hashimoto's Confusion

I had an Ultrasound on my thyroid today because I was feeling swelling, discomfort etc. and the hospital doctor said i had inflammation due to Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Although my doctor said my anti-bodies test was ok ( I didn't get the result, but I will next time I'm down there).

My question is will the neck swelling/pain, fat/scalloped tongue etc. reduce when i am correctly medicated, or will I get it all the time the anti-bodies are attacking?

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Hello and welcome.. one thing is for sure.. this is a very long and frustrating journey where we are all here to help with.

Unfortunately most doctors don't know very much but from all of the patients here you can get real honest answers

I don't think that scalloped tongue will go away (although I don't know) the swelling should go down with the right medication

They will probably start you on Levothyroxine for 3 months at a small dose (25mcg) and then up it every 3 months to about (100mcg).. If you don't feel better you will need to scream and shout for a different treatment regime.. Only about Half feel better on Levo, the rest need T3 or NDT... We're here for you...

First thing to do is get a book Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield... you either read this.. or you throw it at your GP

Then you go out and buy lots of vitamins C, B, D, Selenium, Co-enzyme Q10, Magnesium, ginseng, - take lots of Vitamin C 3 grams a day.

You should also do the adrenal questionnaire.. because it will be important if you are not feeling better in 3 months..

Good luck.... but no.. things are not going to get better.. not at least, for some time.. sorry


I was started on 100mcg ( i know, ive been told a million times this is a ridiculous starting dose!) and have recently been bumped up to 125mcg. Also on Iron Tablets and I take Vitamin C and D.

Also confused as the tongue and neck things only started after I started on levo?

Whats the adrenal questionnaire?


This is a link which may be helpful.


oh bugger, you are in trouble... if you were started on 100 that was good, saved you 6 months mucking about at least you know already that it isn't working.. right.. adrenal fatigue questionnaire - to rule out an adrenal problem that would stop you absorbing your T4 properly


You will need to post your results.

You have a firm diagnosis , which is something many don't.

Maybe a few red faces around, when the figures get re-checked...

It is probably going to be a longish haul getting back to health and the thing to remember is that NHS advice doesn't usually major on the healthy lifestyle/diet side- mostly the the talking. These can definitely help [when the right ones- see above post] but remember to boost your basic health & diet status as much as possible -and get plenty of rest.

My guess is the physical symptoms will back off with the right treatment[s]- so use them as a marker.

It's only your body talking...A pity experts don't listen more to them.


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