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Diabetes and Hypothyroid...what came first?

I have just been called by my Doc to tell me to lower my thyroxine to 100mg and that my fasting bood results came back with a border line result for diabetes and that I should cut down on what sweet things I eat...thats a joke don't eat much of sweet or savory ....so how come I'm still putting on weight feel tired all the time..can't get rid of oral thrush and ache from top to toe.....surely something is being missed...BUT WHAT...any suggestions ...need some help here guy's and gal's......will be making arrangements to see him for a one to one...so anything you can help me with I'd be grateful......

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First of all what is the reason for reducing your meds? It's not a good idea if he is only going by the TSH. Get a copy of your blood test results complete with ranges and post here for someone to comment. Reducing unnecessarily can cause more problems.

Always get copies of your blood tests for your own records.

We can get other diseases if our thyroid gland hasn't optimum meds. Weight gain - see link below:



Thank's for your reply....my Doc say's m TSH has reduced since my last reading so I need to reduce my thyroxine.....I've asked for copies of my blood test before and all I get is a hand written note from the receptonist from the screen read out's ... very frustrating..I keep being told they only check the TSH levels so thats all they give me......I've read before that they should be checking a whole lot of other things....but as I have other 'issues' going on at the moment you sound like a hypocondriact the more questions you ask....I have a appontment at The Pain Clinic because of on going pain problems next week .....so have decided to ring Doc's first thing Monday morning to try and get a proper copy so I can take it with me.......I've been told nothing about how to deal with the high sugar reading...so I'll be asking about that to.....just seem to be going around in EVER EXPANDING CIRCLES.......thanks again..


Your 'other issues' could well be due to being undermedicated, despite your TSH level. Some GP's think that keeping the patients' TSH 'within normal range' is correct when it keeps us ill with clinical symptoms which are treated as 'not due to the thyroid gland'. This is an excerpt and cursor to the date in question:-

July 15, 2006

Question: My doctor uses my TSH and thyroid hormone levels to change my dose of thyroid hormone. He measures them every couple of months and has me increase or decrease my dose, depending on these little changes in the hormone levels. He calls it "fine tuning" my dosage. Personally I don’t see any change in how I feel even when he increases my dose a little. I just keep feeling tired, achy, and depressed. He seems convinced that by measuring my levels and making these little dosage changes that he’ll some day get rid of my symptoms


I doubt if many doctors know what the purpose of levothyroxine is - it's not necessarily to bring your TSH to a certain level - it is to make you feel well due to each and every cell in your body (of which we have billions) having enough thyroid gland hormone for everything to work normally.

I am sorry it has taken so long to reply, but I am not being notified of anything - either emails or responses.



Diabetes and hypothyroidism have very similar symptoms. Perhaps because they are both in the endocrine system. My two sisters and myself have hypothyroidism and diabetes type 2. One sister got the hypothyroidism first then some years later became diabetic. In my other sisters case and mine the diabetes came first. High blood sugar, if you are diabetic, comes from several things, not just food. For example you can have an infection and your BS will rise. As far as food is concerned it is not just sugary foods that can cause it to rise. It is the total carbohydrates at a meal. Some diabetics only have to eat an extra apple and their BS will go up. Diabetes itself puts on weight (as well as thyroid problems), due to the over production of unusable insulin because of insulin resistance. You need to get your diabetes well balanced so that if you are still having problems you will know that it is your thyroid.


Thanks ...I've had a hypothyrodism for 13 years and just been told about my high blood sugar reading....Doc just told me to watch my sugar intake and carb's not a lot of help really when I'm already doing that and still having problems keeping my weight in check.....I've been trying to get hip back and joint pain sorted for years and no one seems to make any connection between pain and my other problems....I also have problems with my bowel .....which makes eating some of the foods suggested for diabetes difficult because it will start that to flare up......hopefully I can get to speak to my Doc tomorrow (thats if I can get a appointment)...so will try and see if I can get some help with my dietry issues.....thanks again


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