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just wondering if anyone else is suffering hidradenitis?

its one of them autoimmune diseases the docs know nothing about, theres a few people that are a few sufferers on another group im in with various thyroid problems too and was thinking maybe there could be a connection between the two

since ive started treatment for hypo ive noticed the flare ups have gotten worse but could allso be due to the fact i was taking diatomaceous earth daily and that was easing things quite a bit but ive stopped taking as not sure if it would affect the levothyroxine

edited to add the diatomaceous earth is a silica supplement

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ooh, I used to get that... but am now better .. I take SO MANY vitamins and stuff and Armour...


i keep seeing armour mentioned i think ill mention it to the dr when i see her. Can i ask what your taking as im having a terrible time of it today, i started suffering it at 16 and im now 41, it wasnt too bad until i had my 12 year old then it got slightly worse, worse again after my 7 year old and even worse along with weight and everything else after my 6 year old, i wont see the dr about it as all they do is give antibiotics and they never work


a good dietary adjustment should help you prevent and maybe even get rid of this problem. meds only correct the blood levels, but it won't improve how you feel. I manage my energy and feeling good through proper nutrition and lifestyle


hidradenitis is a horrible illness my sister has it . She was tested for thyroid but her thyroid was ok.


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