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After a year and a half on levo my periods have come back. What's up with that???

My periods stopped around 1.5 years ago. They'd stopped (age 49), come back briefly (age 50 and a couple of months on 25ug of levo) then disappeared until June (age 51, 50ug of levo plus initial six doses of B12) and occurred again in July. GP has ordered TSH and LH to be tested. But, has anyone else experienced this? It's a bit disconcerting. Tx.

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I haven't experienced this but many years ago when I was first diagnosed I did a lot of reading round and this came up. Was having a relatively early menopause myself and had hoped thyroid treatment might be a miracle reversion, but was not. One dr did say that this had happened to several of his patients. Sorry dont have any references!


I would say it's taken the useless buggers a year and a half to get your meds right... !


My periods stopped and didn't come back until I started T3 (instead of originally being on T4). I told my endo this but was told that normally being hypo makes periods longer/heavier. But I'd read up on hypo symptoms and knew that amenorrhea (having no periods) was also a hypo symptom. I was surprised that supposed specialists didn't know uncommon symptoms, only the more common ones!

Totoro x


It's easier for them that way, Toto! - They're only human :~/


The gaps you describe aren't unusually long, if I'm reading you right you've had 3 clusters in a year and a half? Periods can come and go during perimenopause, while the pituitary's trying to stimulate depleted ovaries, with longer and shorter gaps between, and varying length of bleed. If your thyroid isn't right it can throw other hormones off balance, and vice versa, so adding thyroid hormones into the mix could have affected the other hormones. Had you been through all that before or did they just stop at 49? Perimenopause can last 4 to 8 years :( Menopause is usually calculated retrospectively after 12 months of no bleeding. It's a right pain in the proverbial!


My period was regular right up to when I started having overt thyroid symptoms. So, things started to go wonky around May 2011, though my period didn't completely disappear until November 2011. I was finally diagnosed end January 2012 (though TSH had likely been hovering at 4.5 or over for years). My period came back for a couple of months after starting on the 25ug of levo. Then, disappeared until Une 2013. Oh, and I meant to say FSH and LH rather than TSH in my original question. Have thyroid on the brain.


Ah ok, could still be a combination of both but sounds like it was affected by thyroid.


Hi Cinnnamon,

I have Hashi's.

I'm 47 and have had 3 periods a year for the past couple of years.

My daughter said i must be pre menopausal, I disagreed and asked him to test me.

the results came back negative.

No investigations why, kinda like not having them lol but must be a reason for it.



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