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this helpful post was on another hu site.

I know you don't think you'll ever be able to navigate the community. But you will. Oh please believe me. I think I might have the hang of it already! The only thing I don't have the hang of are the technical teething problems, but they're something admin needs to sort out – and they are. If you look at the 'Pinned Posts' (far right) - you'll be able to find all the relevant information about how to navigate the Health Unlocked platform, throughout this - and any other community you may be in.

Communities have their own distinct features: it's easy to tell the difference between them.

If you can take in NOTHING else from this Post:

Don't forget to look at the associated organisation in the top right corner of the screen, which should give you a big clue as to what community you're in.

This one, for instance, is ran by thyroid uk, as you can see, it’s symbol is a pretty purple butterfly.

The other thing to remember if you take nothing else from reading this: Pay attention to COLOUR schemes, each community has their own distinctive look and colour e.g. this one is a purple

(Anxiety Support (UK) is blue, and Anxiety Support in New Zealand is a light green. What's confusing is that both anxiety sites have the same name - but the UK one is likely to be the first on the But if you test each one by clicking it and you would see the difference straight away, I know you would eventually.)

Some of you may not understand this at all (the above brackets probably don’t mean anything to anyone who’s a member of this community alone), you may be a fairly new member and only interested in using this community, in that case that's fine, you’re in the right place and probably don’t need to know this yet - but keep reading anyway for more advice, as all the cool people say just 'go with it ;) '

If you're only a member of this community and you're lost in it, the symbol of the house in the purple bar will take you back to the main page where you can view the news feed. (In fact the symbol of home in the green bar at the top will do you just fine too but more about that later).

'What if I'm in the wrong community?'

Don't panic - navigating between communities is easy. Simply click on the white word 'Communities' in the top (green) bar and a list will appear. Select the one that is familiar to you and you'll find yourself there. They all have their own distinctive appearance - it's basically about getting to know your own community so you can become really confident with it. Then it becomes automatic. (If you have a foggy memory, it might help to take a picture of it - using the ‘ins prt sc’ button on the top far right of your keyboard and pasting it into paint - as I have done. And then have it saved somewhere obvious, so you can refer to it if need be).

If you're really confused and want to start again, click on Home in the (green) bar at the top, and you'll find yourself right back where you were when you logged in. You will still be able to click the link and assess your list of communities.

If, in a rare event the community you're looking for doesn't appear in the list of your communities. Still don't panic. Go to 'Find a community', beneath the margin at the bottom of the list; and you will find an A-Z of all the communities that Health Unlock has to offer: (From one's that are tailored to anxiety problems; depression; arthritic conditions; thyroid conditions; restless legs; migraines; irritable bowl; Coach to 5K, Quit smoking support; dyslexia... There are all KINDS of communities besides this one, in total there are 250...and counting - I always say it's nice to have a good browse, pretty soon you'll have about 5 or 6 under your belt like me ;) ) Select the one that is suited to you (be mindful that the same conditions can have different organisations -eg for Fibro alone there is ‘FibroAction’, ‘Foggy’s Invisible Illness Support’, and the ‘Andover Fibromyalgia & ME Chatterbox Group UK’) and click 'Join Now'. And you're good to go.

If you want to leave a community (resign your membership of it), for any reason just go to your profile (beneath your username at the top of the screen in the green bar), select 'my communities' (written in black bold ink), click 'Edit', and you can 'untick' your membership from any undesired communities.

Hope all this helps. ). Tried to iron out as many mistakes as I can to make this blog user friendly. I hope it was worth it. :P

Welcome to any newbies and best wishes to all on here. :)

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  • Thank you Sandra :-)


  • Thank you. This is really helpful. Which community are you a volunteer for? Badges seem to be showing up cross-community at the moment :D

  • not here but on 2 definitely I think 3.

  • Thanks Sandra

    Only just spotted this! I also did a Post about using the new site - see Pinned posts... Feel free to use anything you find helpful.. :)



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