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how long until i feel better?

I was diagnosed 5 weeks ago today, my t4 had dropped in 3 months from 12 to 5.2 and my tsh was over 90. They started me on 25mcg of thyroxine and increased it 10 days ago to 50mcg. I am slightly improved, clearer thinking and sleeping less, but still have no energy. Also, I am wanting to go back to work, but I am on my feet all day (I am an A&E nurse with no previous experience of thyroid problems personally or professionally). Any advice will be greatly appreciated

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Forgot to mention also recently found vitamin D is low, and am on Adcal d3, I am making sure that i take them well spaced from my thyroxine, as the calcium would interfere with my throxine absorption. Everything getting diagnosed within 3 weeks - hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia (not sure I agree fully with this diagnosis) and low vitamin D


Has anyone explained to you that sometimes when you start taking T4 your thyroid will then go on a go slow. It has been struggling for months,sometimes years, to keep going and when you finally start taking T4 it thinks "great - now I can have a rest" which it normally does. The only trouble is that the amount of medication you are taking doesn't always make up for the amount of thyroid hormones your defunct thyroid was producing so you end up either feeling no better or sometimes worse.

Have you had any other vitamins tests like your B12 or your iron. Being low in B12 or vitD can cause thyroid like symptoms and being low in iron can cause extreme tiredness and if your low in VitD you could well be low in iron to. I cant tell you the difference in my energy levels since starting iron supplements - which were prescribed.

If you haven't had either your B12 or Ferritin tested then please do so and post the results on here as, what GP's and endo's say are expectable levels or normal, can be anything but for a thyroid sufferer. Just out of interest, did you have your calcium checked before taking Adcal?


Everyone is different. 15 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis and started on levothyroxine. 15 years later I still have good days and bad days.


Thanks for the replays, will look into my b12, ferritin is normal


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