Data Protection Act - Which paragraph please?

Trying to get copies of blood results from hospital but advised that I need to write in to the Trust to get copies!!! Which section in the data protection act do I cite to get a copy of my blood results?. Also, what is the new act that entitles me to be an active participant in my care working together with my doctor? I will try and look it up on Thyroid UK site but if someone can get it to me quickly, that would be most helpful. Thank you. :-)

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Sorry to be so brief. Won't let me use more than 140 characters today!

Great quick response. x

Thanks Carolyn.x

You might also want to look on here for info plus a draft letter that says it all.

Moggie x

Doesn't look like my link has worked so it looks like you will have to type in the link by hand but its well worth doing as the site is full of info re accessing your personal records.

Moggie x

Thanks Moggie x

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