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Just been to see Nurse Practioner ..... odd woman

I had whole thyroid removed on 24/6 I had penicillin because the wound was everso swollen etc. I still have a hoarse voice and chesty cough and yesterday I had temperature of 37.5 .... I told her that I have a temperature and she said ' thats not a temperature' and checked it ..again it was 37.5 ..I said THAT is a temperature as my normal temp is 36.5 ... she still insisted that 37.5 is not a temperature ..I am sorry but IT IS for goodness sake. Then I asked about iron tablets she said ' If you have your thyroid removed that is not a reason to have iron supplements as you body is exactly same as before when it comes to iron ' OH COME ON !!!! I Think that was the last time i went to see her.

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A real sense of deja vu there. My temp is rising, but until recently it had been around 35.5 all my life. I long since gave up the unequal struggle of trying to explain that if my temp was 37 it meant I had a temperature.


The real question, of course, is why won't people such as her actually listen to their patients??????


My waking temperature has been 36.5 ever since I had half my thyroid removed & I know when I have a temperature even though the doctors disagree!

Sadly the medics haven't a clue. And yes, you most likely will need iron tablets for the rest of your life. My Ferritin levels dropped dramatically after thyroid surgery........I was over 300 pre-op & being tested for high iron levels & then post-op my levels were 8!!!!

Good luck x


I had my temp taken by the doc last week and he admitted my temp was up. Just waiting for those results now. Hopefully Monday and hopefully they'll decide to treat it! That's assuming my tsh has not changed or gone up from last time. I cannot imagine they'll treat otherwise. I still have all my thyroid but my base temp is usually 36.5 max. My family are all the same. They realised that when my son was in hospital and his skin mottled on a temp of 37.5. He still has that. But so many won't accept anything under 38C as a temp.


Its crazy , I know for a fact that when its 37.5 I am ill , I wouldn't check it otherwise. I know straight away. For starting to argue with me was idiotic as I have never seen the person before and I know my body!


Response maybe because medics know that pathogens get killed off > 4degF [old money] above normal.

They will assume that you will have permanent colds otherwise- and your low temp is an anomaly.

Mine is low [96 (early a.m). before I got Levo]- not taken it since starting it but taking Iodine pushed it up a bit in PM, too.

One day [when?] the medical pros will get onboard with the obvious pointers we all live with, on HypoT.


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