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Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead (Channel 5)

Did anyone see this? It was about a guy who goes on a 6 week juice fast to cure himself of a "Chronic auto immune condition" which (after a bit of digging!) turned out to be Chronic Urticaria. Apparently 2 months after the juice fast he no longer had to take steroids for the urticaria, which had disappeared! I am rather intrigued by this. A six week juice fast would we agony but the thought of not having Hashimoto's makes me wonder if it just might be worth it?

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Huh! Where I found details said it was Urticarial Vasculitis. :-)

Don't want to suggest you might not benefit from juicing, but of the millions with Hashimoto's I'm pretty sure that some people will have tried.



anything but maccydees must be better

caught the end of it - another 'miracle cure' yay!

oops, I seem to be a tad er... wary? doc was on-board 'tho' ...

That and the Scunthorpe (de la mer) thing makes me feel quite good tonight (I suppose that's why folks watch Eastenders). Thinking of re-locating.......

Mum said tv is bad for you, now I know why! lol!

Jane (back to usual silly self) :D x


Yep saw the program, With the American guy , it was a race against death though ..either that or coronary within a year. Unbelievable how well he looked after though. I was thinking to start having a daily juice to get some minerals from it but not dieting as I am not overweight at all.


PS what type of juice did he have? vegetable? if so I agree it's good (would not agree with fruit juices)

to be honest it is not the juice that 'cured him' but rather the 'elimination diet' he had been through.

Grains, dairy products are 2 offenders very very high on the list, so many people are intolerant to these and eliminating them can 'cure' so many problems and symptoms

there are oher offenders, this can be sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn, yeast and so on.

that is why Dr Myhill recommends a stone age diet to all of her patients:


I am a juice fan and have been for 15 years. Do not go on a juice only diet it can cause problems if you are taking suppliments or have adrenal probs (plenty on the internet to read up on). A couple of juices a day will be beneficial tho. But keep the fruit ones to a minimum as we have to watch out for diabetes with thyroid problems.

It's a great way to make sure you get all the trace minerals that may not be in your supplements.

Hope this helps.



This is repeated at 5 pm today on channel 5. Having a Tired, with a capital T day, so will probably watch it.


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