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No joy with the Endo!!

Have been to see the Endo 3-4 months ago. He took bloods and said see you in 3 months. When I went back he said everything's fine I don't want to see you again! I looked at him and said what if I feel worse, he said go back to your GP!! Great. Strangely though I have received another appointment for September! I asked for my blood results and he said he would get them sent to me but you know what they haven't arrived! Seems a bit of a waste of time! Harper

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Make sure you get those blood test results. You are entitled to them. See if they have been sent to your GP (they should have been) and ask your GP for a copy.

I'm sorry you didn't get the help you need :(

Carolyn x


I always phone my endo's secretary if my results are not with me within 2 weeks - why don't you give her a ring and explain that Dr? promised you them but you haven't received them. Depending on her reaction you might want to add that if she would like your request in writing then you are more than willing to do so.

I cant believe how treatment differs from one endo to another. My endo took bloods and wanted to see me in a month to discuss results but yours took bloods and didn't see you for 3 or 4 months. Unfortunately for you he seems a very uncaring doctor.

Moggie x


"Go back to your GP". What? That is the equivalent of saying "I can't be bothered to do my job, ask someone else". He's supposed (and I do mean supposed) to be the specialist with specialist knowledge. If he really believes your GP knows more than he does, then he should find another job.


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