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Migraines and Levothyroxine

I have a history of migraiens since I was 17 now 69. I used to have one every two weeks. Recently, I have had one about 2 times a year. I take Imetrex and recently sawitched to Maxalt. Took my first one today. I can tell litle differnece.

Here is the problem. Since I started taking Levothyroxine in April, I have had a migraine about every 3 to 4 weeks. Has anyone experienced this? I take .05 mg and think this is too much or not appropriate for someone who has a history of migraines. Any thoughts will be apprecaited. Fortunately, I have blood work tomorrow.


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So that everyone can see what those medicines are:

Imitrex = sumatriptan

Maxalt = rizatriptan

I have had a couple of aura-only migraines since being on levothyroxine. Unfortunately I cannot identify anything whatsoever different about when I had them. Maybe I was slightly low or high on levothyroxine? Sorry, cannot be sure.

(Only really had one migraine some 30 to 40 years earlier!)

Are you taking any other medicines?



Hi,just read your post.i have been on levothroxine for six months,although have had aura only migraines twice yearly,now having them every day,sometimes two or three.horrible.

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Yes, I take cholesterol medication (simvastatin) and Allipurinol for gout. Metformin for pre diabetes!!! Thanks for your rsponse.


Sometimes GP's prescribe for clinical symptoms before hypothyroidism is diagnosed which are really due to hypothyroidism and I wonder if your gout and higher cholesterol are clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism which should be alleviated with optimum thyroid gland medication.

An excerpt

Levothyroxine and Cholesterol

If one of the signs of hypothyroidism is increased serum cholesterol, you might expect properly prescribed Levothyroxine to cause a reduction in cholesterol levels. In fact, that is exactly what happens. A study published in 2004 in the "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism" demonstrated significant reductions in cholesterol levels as well as improvements in blood vessel integrity in subclinical hypothyroid patients taking Levothyroxine. Improvement in both cholesterol levels and vessel integrity may significantly reduce cardiovascular risks in these patients.

Some people are also sensitive to fillers/binders in levothyroxine

I am not medically qualified but I hope your migraine problems can be resolved.


Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.


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