Does the heat make you bloated?

I'm a recently diagnosed hypothyroid and am having a really fat day today, lol!! I just wondered if anyone else found a connection with heat and water retention? Prior to being diagnosed, I always noticed I bloated when I went on holiday to a hot country, in fact, I always had to take larger clothes as I bloated on the flight and then in the heat! I just thought this was normal but now I'm beginning to wonder wether my under active thyroid causes this reaction??

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  • Hi I was like that last year when I went on holiday got there and couldn't fit into most of my clothes. I thought it was water retention but it wasn't went bck to gp had another blood test done turned out I was under medicated.

  • Hi Fletch, are you on the correct meds now and if so, has the bloating stopped?! Would love to know as currently lying on the sofa resembling a hippo. Watching skinny girls on the Tv doesn't help, lol! x

  • Yes on correct dose now at the time was on 25mg gp upped it to 100mg / 50mg I looked and felt massive put o 2 stone it was like my whole body puffed out and arms and leggs felt solid.have lost weight now bck into size 10 again went up to a 14 when under medicated so there is hope good luck.

  • Thanks Fletch! I shall live in hope then. Fingers crossed they can get my meds right. It's such a cruel condition in a world where everyone is so image obsessed! So pleased you have managed to shift your extra weight xx

  • How very lucky you are, I have gone from size 14 to a ghastly 20 in the past couple of years.

    My thyroxine has gone up and then put down by my doc, but despite dieting, or if Im honest (trying to) it seems Im destined to be a fat old lady ! hey ho.....

  • Hi Sam, bless you, I really feel for you. At the moment I have gone from a size 12 to a 14-16 (mainly 16) and it is so upsetting so I can't imagine how you are feeling. Part of me tries to be kind to myself and says "don't beat yourself up" the other part of me is so sad with the way I look and feel like taking all the mirrors in the house away. I dread seeing someone I haven't seen for a few years as I know they will be thinking "she's got fat!". Some days I want to walk around with a sign attached to me explaining I'm hypothyroid, not a fat lazy moo!! Did you find your weight altered at all when your meds went up and down? xx

  • Sadly no, realy didn't make much difference, so what the hell.....its hot...and I just bought a tub of toffee ice cream, natrualy its for when my grandsons visit ???? I def wont go to heaven X

  • Good for you, I don't blame you. Hope you enjoy your ice cream, sounds heaven. (Hope the grandson enjoys it too, ha ha!!) I'm going to have a bowl of strawberries from our garden, dble cream and meringue after dinner x

  • Sorry, that is just not allowed on this site !!!

    Im afraid I shall have to report you to the chief thyroid person ? X

  • I have bloated in the heat since I was a little girl.

    I am fighting to be diagnosed hypo.

    I am bloating so much more worse than I have ever done. I was complaining of being swollen in the winter!!

    Ann xx

  • Hi Ann

    I know what you mean, even I bloat in the winter now when I get hot with too many clothes on.

    I hope you manage to get diagnosed soon so you can get treated Ann and start to feel better xx

  • Bloating should rhyme with hypothyroid! Remember to drink lots of water...always as it helps get rid of the water hanging around in our bodies. It also curbs the appetite and staying hydrated in hot weather helps energy levels.

  • I don't bloat half as much as I use to, since going gluten free.

  • I have had stints of being gluten free and you're right, it really does help ease the bloat. I'm just not sure what to eat sometimes and fall off the wagon which sends me binging on bread! I really must be more disciplined!

  • I'm going to be giving the Harcombe diet a bash as I am almost constantly bloated which can be a symptom of candida overgrowth. I drink loads of water but just end up peeing like a racehorse. Have done gluten free, dairy free, you name it and to no avail.

  • Ha ha ha!! That did make me laugh, I'm the same, I drink loads of water, still feel bloated, if not worse and am constantly seeking out the loo wherever I go!! Never heard of Harcombe diet, I'll google it. Friend of mine with hypothyroid did the 5:2 diet and has lost a stone so that sounds promising

  • I don't bloat nearly as much since going onto t3

    Jo xx

  • my whole body swells wen I go t Tenerife, a bar man actually asked was I pregnant!! Nope I'm not. It's so uncomfortable with all all my clothes so tight on me from I get of plane til I get home again. I haven't been diagnosed with anything but my physio has recommended me for thyroid tests. I asked pharmacy for something that might help with swelling but he didn't know of anything. What's worse is I'm getting married in Tenerife in October and need my dress t fit me and be comfortable. Any advise would be a massive help.

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