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Graves sufferer on no medication waiting for thyroid removal op in 10 days time , worried I am about to get a rush of symptoms

I was taken of my drugs for graves as my red blood count was going down and my immune system compromised. I stopped taking any drugs about 10 days ago and my Endo said I needed the op ASAP due to her fear my over active thyroid would spiral out of control, I don't really know what this means, I'm having the hot flushes and feel bit anxious and snappy, just wondered if anyone else been in my shoes and what to expect over next few days I'm assuming just symptoms that I had in the first place returning but is there worse to come. I only have 10 days to wait but like to be prepared.

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Hi there i had graves 7 yrs ago and had a large goiter and all thr horrible symptoms that goes along with graves, I was put on beta-blockers as my heart was working so hard i thought it would beat out my chest, I was admitted into hospital 10 days before my op to get medication believe it or not and after my op i was in a mess, my hormones were everywhere i didnt want to go anywhere or do anything i was so scared of everything, that might have just been me, I would get ready for a few months of different feelings, the op itself was nothing i felt fine well pain wise after a few days and was allowed home the day after. I hope this has helped you and not scared you and i wish you all the best and hope everything goes well.


Thanks yes I think it is wise to be prepared for odd feelings and I am expecting a slow road to normal, but like most graves sufferers its a long time since I felt normal and not at all that sure I will recognise the old me anyway!


It's only 10 days - you WILL be fine :-) this is NOT enough time for your levels to raise enough to cause storm issues.

The morning after the op they will test your calcium levels to check your para thyroids haven't been damaged and if levels are fine you should go home the same day.

You will probably be prescribed levo at 100mcg or there abouts to get you going and then get retested about 6wks later for your post op check when they will adjust your meds if necessary.

It took 8 weeks to get my levels right and I've felt fabulous since :-) you will too very soon :-)


Thanks that is reassuring!


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