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Hi all

Diagnosed hyper @21 then later had radioactive iodine. Killed it off.

Have been stable at 125mcg levothyoxine since.

I have a high stress job and over the years my anxiety levels have increased and my depression. I have always had hypo symptoms. Chronic fatigue, swollen ankles and hands, that only goes if I sleep (resting is not enough). I sleep badly, and wake tired. I have lower back pain and tingling in my lips, hands and feet, muscle pain and cramps.

I have tried to talk to gp, but he is dismissive and thinks I'm imagening things and so wont change my meds. Things have got much worse in the last year.

Have appointment in a couple of weeks, but not hopeful. :-(

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I am sorry your GP is so unco-operative. Unfortunately he thinks he knows more than us but he is completely ignoring your clinical symptoms (which appear hypo to me) and diagnosing you only on your blood tests. He is probably keeping your TSH 'within range' w.

Which is wrong. We should have a TSH 1 or below but some of us don't get on with levo, the fact that you have suggests that you may need an increase but the fact that he wont listen tells me that you need to see an Endo as your health is going downhill.

Email and ask for a list of NHS Endos/private doctors. It will be well worth it if they are able to make you well.

Best wishes


Always get copies of your blood tests. If you have had recent one, post the results on a new question for people to comment. You have to put the ranges too.

If you are going to have a new blood test with your GP, ask for B12, Vit D, ferritin, folate and iron. The first two in particular are usually deficient.

Just for info, some members have taken their point of view to the Scottish Parliament


Thanks Shaws

Copies of blood tests!!!!! I have difficulty just getting the numbers! The receptionist tells me I wont understand them, grrrr.

Not due a tsh t4 test, just want to try getting him to believe me about symptoms. It's just so difficult to manage now. Fategue, depression cycle getting on top of me.


We are entitled to copies of all our blood tests! whether the receptionist likes it or not. Tell your GP you want copies - they cannot refuse.


Two things occur to me. One is, have you had your B12 level tested? I think low B12 can cause tingling in the hands and feet. The other is, have you thought about having the 24hr adrenal saliva test done? Stress takes its toll on the adrenals.

Do you know what your body temperature is? Low body temperature can be an indication of adrenal and thyroid problems, but I believe a fluctuating temperature is more indicative of adrenal involvement.

It's perfectly possible to have a mix of all those problems and more! I am on thyroid meds and a high level of adrenal support, along with the attendant vits recommended by Dr P.


Thank you Rosetrees

I haven't done temp tests. I only read about them for the first time yesterday. Wonder what I've done with the thermometer. If only I had a memory. Same for B12. Want to get my ducks lined up before appointment.


Just realised I didn't say I will be 50 in a couple of months! 29 years of being fobbed off and feeling knackered. Can't remember what 'normal' is.



I so know where you're coming from. I'm 57 - been ill for 37 years. I actually said to a friend a few days ago that I don't actually know what normal is. I'm up for finding out though!


OMG me too! I have had PTSD since 1998, the thought of adding the menopause to this is unbearable. That's why I want to try again to get this sorted before it gets worse *groan*


Andy Murry is NOT helping my stress levels!


nor mine!


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