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Just saying hello

I'm a 36 year old female. Been struggling with hypothyroidism for years but honestly never took it serious. Half the time didn't even take my thyroid pill. Well recently found out my antibodies are over 900. Have been going to gp but I am now getting sent to endro since gp has never seen antibodies this high. Dr appt isn't till August 17. The dr put me on steroids to help with the pain in my joints but is slowly decreasing and the pain is still there. Started at 10mg twice daily. Down to 5mg twice daily and I am back to pain and extreme fatigue. What's next? I'm so lost. I barely want to move off the couch. I'm pretty sure I could sleep for a couple days but that's not a option. I am a mother of 9 so I don't have time for this pain and fatigue. So I'm here for support and suggestions.

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Blimey, a mother of 9! 4's enough for me, and I thought I was knackered!

Hello rectormum, welcome to the forum :)

I never knew what was wrong for years - misdiagnosed with CFS & allsorts, anyway....

High antibodies indicate an autoimmune attack on your thyroid - most of us have the autoimmune variety (Hashimotos, docs don't tell you/or know) - so nothing to worry about really, it's the same treatment - T4.

Now why would our body be attacking itself? mere signals to try to correct something?

Everyone's different.

I feel better since I tested and supplemented my low (some folk are deficient) vital minerals - iron, ferritin, folate & B12 and D3 (there's more)

some look to avoiding gluten (undiagnosed stomach issues/coeliac etc.)

The best way is to read-up and research what is pertinent to you...

(PS I refused steroids - hubby body-builds!)

Good luck - Jane :D


As Hashimotos is auto-immune it is a good idea to think of your self as having an auto-immune condition - rather than a thyroid one - so you need to work hard on diet and supplements. I too have very HIGH anti-bodies and also have Crohns. However having followed the advice here I am now healthier than I have been for years. It may be a good idea if you obtain your latest thyroid blood test results with ranges and post them in a new post for people to comment.

People with Hashimotos often have a problem converting the T4 tablet into the Active hormone T3. As the post above says you must have the tests done for Iron - Ferritin - B12 - Folate - VitD. The pain you are experiencing will be helped with good amounts of VitD when all the levels are good it will help the conversion of T4 to T3.

Do you have gut issues ? Are you taking any other medications ? Am not sure what an Endocrinologist can do to help with the anti-bodies - having been on this forum for almost 4 years - I rarely read about Endocrinologists knowing what to do. The anti-bodies are often dismissed. I think you would learn more by reading the posts in the link above about Hashimotos - or go to the main page of Thyroid UK website.

Healing the gut is also important - so you could try being gluten free - that means completely free of all gluten. It helps many on this forum. Wheat is not what it used to be as it so over treated both before and after planting :-(

Lots of very helpful people on this forum - so do keep reading and learning and taking control of your own health. No-one will care as much as you do - so keep asking questions and people will help.

Hope you can soon enjoy your family again..... and wishing you well :-)


These are a couple of links which are self-explanatory. You have an Autoimmune Thyroid Disease called Hashimotos.

I'm sorry you are feeling so unwell and it will take a litle while to feel much better.

When you go for your next blood test leave approx 24 hours between levo and the blood test and take levo afterwards. Also have the earliest possible appointment as our TSH is highest then and most doctors only take notice of the TSH and not us or our symptoms.

You take levothyroxine with one glass of water on wakening and wait about 1 hour before eating. Some foods interfere with the uptake of levothyroxine.

Always get a print-out of your blood tests from now on for your own records and so that you can post them if you have a query. We are entitled to them.


I was also prescribed steroids for antibodies, but all they did was make me feel manically depressed! So got off them as fast as I could - step the dosage down. Now trying low dose naltrexone, along with cytomel. Also gluten free now for 2 months and just started a Paleo diet. Feeling a bit better regarding energy levels, but still not managed to lose an ounce. My antibodies were in the 900's 2 months ago. Since the cytomel, t3 ok, but not reverse t3, and t4 still too low. Antibodies down to 500's, but optimal is 0-40, so a way to go yet.

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Take yourself seriously. If you had diabetes, you would take meds for it, if you had a heart problem, you would take what you were prescribed, so why not take your meds seriously? You probably need more than you are getting, get the tests you are going for and post your results in a new question.


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