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I seem to have a lot of symptoms of thyroid problems,I'm cold all the time,very tiered I go to bed most afternoons with a headache and feel sick,I have had a carpul tunnel opp in one hand but no change both hands are the same,I get very anxious and stressed and my temper isn't good,I haven't been to the doctors yet as im worried :-( can anyone relate to these symptoms ?

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Sounds very very typical of hypothyroid to me

Ask for

Thyroid antibodies


Fre T4

Free T3




with all of those we can help you through this


I'm only 36 I thought it was in people older,excuse my nievity :-(


Welcome to the forum, Joeltite1.

Ask your GP to do a thyroid function test. Carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue and feeling cold are symptoms of hypothyroidism. Low thyroid affects women more than men and can be triggered by puberty, pregnancy and menopause and can affect anyone of any age.

The symptom checker below may be useful:


Thank you I will take a look at the links,my dad also has hypothyroidism,he got very poorly before diagnosis :-( does it mean I'm more at risk ?


Joeltite, a close relative being hypothyroid does increase your risk.


its hit my granddaughters at age 9, 14 and 16

hashimotos thyroid is autoimmune and genetic and hits at any age

primary hypothyroid tends to occur in the elderly


Ah ok thank you,I think my fear of going to the Dr is that he may say I'm ok and nothing wrong :-(


if he is ignorant of how to interpret above tests he still might say that

you do need to ensure he knows your father is hypothyroid and that you have done your research and know that you need ALL of the tests I have detailed done


Get a blood test at the earliest possible time. Ask for TSH, T4, T3, Free T4 and Free T3, also Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate. We are usually deficient in vits/minerals.

Ask for a print-out of your blood tests (we are entitled) and make sure the ranges are stated and post on a new question.

T3 is the active hormone so I do hope your GP tests T3 and Free T3.


Thank you for all your help,I just needed to chat with others to get extra guidance,I will give them a call and make an appointment in the morning :-)


Hi there. I was diagnosed hypo last week with exact same symptoms as yourself, so poor you ! On levo 50 now and feeling really rubbish today. Lazy and miserable. Glad though that I can share, I have never been on a forum before. Sounds like we may have a lot to learn !


I get my results tomorrow,I'm worried that all will be ok with bloods and I won't know what's wrong :-(


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