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has anyone ever found that old scar tissue has become lumpy or swollen because of their thyroid condition?

I have two scars on my face, which are eight years old and out-of-the-blue they have become swollen, lumpy, tingly and sore. I have ruled out infection or injury and both myself and the last doctor I spoke to were mystified, especiallly as two seperate scars are affected. I also have a history of Graves disease, although my thyroid results have been fine for some time. I am being regularly monitored however as I had my second child four months ago. My last blood results, six weeks ago, were actually closer to hypothyroidism than hyperthyroidism, although still within the normal range. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced this symptom due to any kind of thyroid disorder?

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This might be caused by scar tissue breakdown because of lack of Vitamin C. We lose Vit C through stress, poor levels in veg.fruit transported/stored/cooked. Captain Oates accompanying Scott in his doomed expedition to the South Pole, suffered scar breakdown of an old Boer war thigh wound owing to lack of vitamin C, so found man-hauling extra hard, compounded by his gangrenous feet.

If you decide to try extra Vit C please do not use plain ascorbic acid, make sure the Vit C has bioflavonoids. 2000mg daily, equal to 2 gm, is ample.


Hope this helps.


that's interesting - I'd not considered vitamin deficiencies but it's definitely a possibility especially as I'm breastfeeding at the moment. Thank you very much for the response.


Breast feeding - please consult your doctor then for how much Vit C to take as 2gms is a lot. The RDA (much lower) is really only enough to prevent onset of scurvy, but as you are breast feeding just how much extra you might need really involves a doctor's input. The intensive 2mg dosage is OK short term for an adult but I would not like to think of so much invading a little baby's system so if your doctor agrees it might be Vit C lack go by his recommendations.

Natural doses from food intake can be tolerated and accommodated by the body but high artificial doses might have adverse consequences in your case.

Cabbage, and oranges/juice both good natural sources.


thank you - I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I will check about supplementation.


Hi Susie, I was wondering if you found out what was wrong with your scars. I have the same problem - my scars are over 20 years old and have suddenly swollen up. One of them was barely visible until recently. The GP didn't seem to know what was wrong. I don't know what else to do about it as they have been like this for about 3 months now. Tried vitamin supplements but didn't make any difference.

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hi Susie and LOL2013, I also have recently had a 20 year old scar on my knee become swollen and lumpy. The scar is about 3 inches long, and is now about 1/2 inch thick....

it is very strange,a nd i am wondering what you have found.


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