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help understanding my underactive thyroid blood test results?


I've been hypothyroid for 8 years, and am taking 125mg thyroxin. When I go for my annual blood test, my GP simply says 'its normal'.

I'm struggling to loose weight and cannot understand why if I'm on the correct medication.

As you can probably tell, I've very little knowledge regarding this and would appreciate any advise or info you offer.

I'm going to my GP next Tuesday and I'd like to be armed with some more information so I can challenge his 'normal' comment.



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Hi Nade

Can you post the actual results of your blood tests and ranges? This would help others to help you break down these results and what they may indicate.

I have learnt from being on here that there can be a big difference between 'normal' (which means the doctor sees it's within the range and they don't have to do anything) and 'optimal' - which is what is right for you!



Hi Liza.. I will do after they test me this week. I've been reading lots about the doctor saying its 'normal' but perhaps not optimal..

Thanks for your reply hun x


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