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Test Results In, normal?

I am hypoT and already take 100 mcg of levoT, but have felt fatigue, bone ache, depressed and have had no actual libido (sorry folks!!) for last 6 months. I'm also recovering from whooping cough that I had since January, so got a new test on Friday.

TSH 2.0

T4 17.1

This is all that came back on my test, so guessing the doc just goes for bare minimum test? Anyway, he says my levels are normal and that I've got depression!! Are my levels really ok? X

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I´m sorry how you feel..

But you really have to get your free T3 and T4 tested. You could be a poor converter..


Hi, Snow73

You don't have to apologise for telling how you feel! It is an important part of life and a good pointer to your state of health.

Your levels suggest that you are not getting enough thyroxine but without the ranges it is difficult to say. Most labs tend to have very similar ranges, but occasionally you will get one that is quite different.

On the basis of an average range, your TSH is still a bit high, if you were feeling OK it would not matter, but as you do not, then it is significant. If my TSH were at that level I would be feeling very ill indeed. Optimal thyroxine levels are important in dealing with illnesses and infections, so if yours are not at the best, that could be why you have taken a long time to recover from the whooping cough.

If the doctor will not test your T3, could you get a private test done? You can do a simple finger-prick test which would tell you the TSH, free T4 and what your free T3 level is, and if there is a conversion problem it would be revealed. I have done this myself, it is very simple and all instructions are very clear. There is information on this here:

I think Blue Horizon is the only one to do home blood tests, but if you are near to any of the other places and would prefer to have it done by someone else, then the full list is there. All Thyroid function tests need to be done as early in the morning as possible, because that is when the TSH is highest.

You could ask the doctor to check levels of Vit D, B12 and ferritin. Good vitamin levels and iron levels are very important for the conversion of T4 to T3 as is shown on the main TUK website:

I hope this helps you,

Marie XX


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