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increased to 100mcg 2 wks ago.Managed to persuade my gp to test my folates/iron,vits b12 and d(on the advice of this wonderful site)

Results back -B12-275(120-1000) Folate-9.3(1.8- 20) GP says these are fine? Nothing back for vit d. Ferritin -398.7 (10-291) Lab commented -'Ferritin increases during the acute phase response' Would appreciate any comments on this.Thanks.Sarah x

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Your B12 is low esp.for UAT. It's easy to get the Methyl [better utilised] B12 version on line -and dose under tongue.

In Japan the lower limit for seniors is 500. So age is a factor as well.

If you're a Veggy ,like me, this could lead to low B12, as animal sourced - but someone else will have to comment on your Iron result.


Thanks tegz- I will certainly look into that.x


Please read my blog on B12 here:

Your level is low enough to be of concern. If you are symptomatic, use the article (above) to discuss with your doctor. Symptom list:


If you're not sure, consider the Active B12 test:


Thanks hampster1.Have read all your info.VERY useful!Have many symptoms of PA -my mother has had PA and UAT for years.But when your GP reassures you that your blood test results are absolutely fine.......... : (


.....I keep saying to myself, now remember, GP's have only had about half a days training on nutritional deficiencies, and they might have been off sick that day as well (maybe with some unexplained fatigue)? But I still find it almost impossible to excuse the level of ignorance out there by some - not all - but probably, sadly, the majority.

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Ha Ha! Amen to that!


Hi I have just noticed you must be in my area,I live in Macclesfield,do you know if there is a support group nearby



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