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Please help with tests interpretation

Hi all,

I have my Genova tests back and would love some help with translating exactly what they mean.

Cortisol Levels

Sample 1 Post Awakening-10.4 (LOW) Range 12-22

Sample 2 (+ 4 - 5 Hours)-6.8 Range 5.0-9.0

Sample 3 (+ 4 - 5 Hours)-3.0 Range 3.0-7.0

Sample 4 (Prior to Sleep)-1.5 Range 1.0-3.0

Total Daily Cortisol-21.7 Range 21-41 nmol/L

DHEA Levels

Sample 2 (am)-0.20 Range 2.0-7.0

Sample 3 (pm)-0.10 LOW Range 2.0-7.0

Mean DHEA-0.15 Range LOW 2.0-7.0

DHEA : Cortisol Ratio-0.69 Range 0.6-3.0

Adrenal Stress Stage

Resistance Stage 3 - Maladaptation: This generally reflects the "pre-exhaustion or pre-adrenal fatigue" states. Usually DHEA levels fall before cortisol levels are reduced. This is often as a result of an inability to balance chronic stressors or poor adaptation to intensive acute stressors. This pattern would indicate a state of long term stressors depleting adrenal reserves. Stress analysis and adrenal support and restorative measures are exceedingly important. A recheck in 1 month is also strongly recommended.


Total T4-81.5 Range 58-154

TSH-2.36 HIGH Range 0.4-4.0

(outside optimal range but within reference range)

FT4-11.0 LOW Range 10.0-22.0

(outside optimal range but within reference range)

FT3-4.97 Range 2.8-6.5

FT4:FT3 Ratio-2.2 LOW Range 2.0-4.5

(outside optimal range but within reference range)

rT3-0.33 Range 0.14-0.54

Tg-less 20 Range 0-40

TPO-less 10 Range 0-35

I am only on herbs and supplements at the moment as my Endo

has said we’re on a wait n see basis and my Dr has said that I’m

“nearly fine now”.

I wrote in before

with Previous Thyroid results and it was suggested

that I have these tests.

Here also is a list of my blood results:


0.58*0.02**0.02**2.65*9.08**4.42** 3.11*

14*40.2**17.5*7.8**9.0**11.5** 14.1*

The top line is TSH-Range-0.27-4.2

The bottom line is FT4-Range-12-20

These were done by my GP here in Ireland

The asterisks are mine * outside optimal range and ** outside optimal and Lab ranges.

(This is copied from my spreadsheet where I track my bloods.

The last bloods are as listed above (from Genova) and both the TSH and FT4 have dropped-I expected one to go up and the other down or vice versa. Strange??

Hoping someone can assist with interpretation.



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From your results, it seems that your levels have been jumping around! What herbs and supplements are you on at the moment?

It might be an idea to have your Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D checked.


Hi Lyn

Thanks for the reply

I am taking Revive Active CoQ10 sachets (CoQ10,B's,C and other bits n bobs), magnesium,

selenium, Floradix Iron, D, and Chromium as well as Earthsource Multi Nutrient(to get a few more B's and C)

I take slippery elm and my herbalist prescribed herb tea contains hawthorn,elderflower, limeflower,rosemary and chamomile and my tincture contains Bugleweed, motherwort, Dandelion root, Schizandra, Skullcap, Baikal, and liquorice.

Quite a pharmacy going on there!!

I have only just discovered when I asked for a printout of the list of ranges that the lab wants "iron studies" done. Great how Drs tell you that everything is fine...

B12 442 Range 187-883

Folate more than 20 Range 3-17

Ferritin 10.9 Range 10-200

Vit D was last done in Feb and was 49 Range 30-74...which is why I was supplementing.

Am back to Drs next week to get lots of bloods done so hopefully can update lots of these and get those "iron studies" done.



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