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Hypo bloat

Hi guys,

Me again ! Is bloating part of the Hypo experience ? I'm on 100mcgs of Levo and. Look like I'm pregnant, so bloated and uncomfortable in my clothes. Dr says my bloods are normal range, still tired, constipated, dry skin and feeling very low ! My GP has organized a full panel of bloods when I go back, very soon. I'm getting disheartened by the whole thyroid experience.

Thanks in advance x

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I think central obesity is very much a Hypo trait.

Metabolic sydrome is not medically used as a diagnosis anymore in the UK [afaik] but all the hormonal imbalances seem to result in this hard to shift problem.

I found low carbs helped- but unfortunately, carbs are a comfort food and do we need a bit of that sometime? The easy shot of energy they provide is missed and if you try to reduce/eliminate carbs/wheat/yeast etc yo will slump a lot more, from experience I've had.

Worth a try though, while you wait for the 'system' to clue up for your case- but, even with follow on treatment, you will still need to help your body back to balance -as to rely totally on medications is to give the body more work to do on its own.

The same goes for exercise- try to incorporate some steady , low level fresh air walking in your day. Good luck with the tests and report them here for a back up view, if needed:


Thank you so much.

I will put all my results up when I have them, for you guys to interpret for e, as I'm a confused newbie to his roller coaster. Don't know whatI'd do without the wonderful support I find on this forum. Your all stars. Cheers x


I am not particularly overweight, but have put on about 12lbs (all around the waist) since my thyroid started playing up again. About 12 months ago I was getting an extremely painful bloated feeling and cut out potatoes and cut down on bread, and for whatever reason the bloating seemed to subside. I am not sure that hyo weight and bloating are connected necessarily, the bloating could be more of a reaction to certain foods.


This is a link re swelling. It may be that you are not yet on enough thyroid gland hormone.


I have put on 12 lbs since becoming hypo and this is all around my waist. I've never put on weight around my waist before.

I also get episodes of bad bloating - it is very visible, painful to the touch and feels as if my insides are sore. I've had it so bad on occasions that I have had difficultly in standing up straight to walk. Thankfully, the last one of these was in January when I was very undermedicated.

So far the weight hasn't come off, but I do have left episodes of the bloating since being on levo. Not quite sure if I am optimal yet but feel an awful lot better in the last month of so, so I'm thinking that I may be getting there at last.



Isn't it complicated ? Booooo ! :)


that's strange , I just said to my mum I felt really bloated after small amounts of food,im on 125 thyroxine x


I also get this, plus indigestion, but think some foods may be to blame. Stomach is visibly swollen. sore and noisy digestion.Urgently need loo and feel better afterwards. Skin products, hair dye which I've always use I'm now allergic to. Still trying to pin down food culpits, almost sure melted cheese i one and high fat food in general.

I'm deficient in vit D so think there could be an absorption prob re fats.Plus grey summer weather probably.


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