Hi had my partial thyroidectomy 18 months ago my bloods apparently have been normal 6 months and 12 month check, but past couple of months I have put so much weight on, my voice is breaking now and again, I'm irritable then emotional and really tired, aching muscles and cramps and hair loss. Have made an appt to have my bloods checked If the dr says they are again normal should I question due to all the symptoms?

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  • Moomin2, you should always ask for a printout of your blood results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) after every test. The ranges are very broad and TSH high within range falls into GP's 'normal' but isn't the same as optimal.

    If you can get your results before you see your GP members will advise whether your levels are good or advise what to ask your GP if they aren't.


  • Hi thanks for the reply. Unfortunately my results will most prob be back when I see the Dr. Just fed up of feeling like a hypochondriac and moaning I'm tired etc and my mood swings. I will ask the Dr if I can have a print out, that's if she will.

  • It's your legal right to have one. Don't take no for an answer. If she kicks up a fuss, ask another question on here and people will tall you how to deal with her. :)

  • virtually everyone who has a partial thyroidectomy is going to become hypothyroid

    so t would hope your blood work is taken seriously

    Please be sure to ask for


    Free T4

    free T3




    Vit D3

    as they all play their part and all are affected by hypothyroid plus cholesterol is likely to have risen

  • Thanks for that info I'll make sure I do xxx

  • Hi I was told it's only if you had a total thyroidectomy you'd become hypo? Should I ask for the list you've given above to be checked on my bloods then?


  • Yes, but they Don't live on the same planet as us! lol Here on earth, I've never heard of anyone that had a partial thyroidectomy and didn't need thyroid hormone replacement.

    Moomin, when you want to reply to someone, click on the red 'Reply' button, and the person will be notified. Otherwise, they might miss it. :)

  • Thanks greygoose, I just feel like I'm constant moaning there's something wrong with me. I'll be assertive this time and say I have all the symptoms. If again they say my bloods are fine can I ask for hormone replacement? I've had ear pressure for weeks to 😔

  • That's because there is constantly something wrong with you - low thyroid! Just having levels 'in range' isn't good enough. They have to be in the right place in the range FOR YOU to feel well.

    You can always ask for hormone replacement, but that doesn't mean they're going to give it to you if, in their twisted opinion, your bloods are 'fine'! You're going to have to be pretty persuasive, I think!

  • Thanks for all your responses, much appreciated. I'll keep you updated 😊

  • :)

  • I had a partial thyroidectomy aged 18, didn't need any medication for 30 + years, Graves returned in my late 40s so had RAI, only then did I need Levo and I'm not from another planet !

  • OK, so there are exceptions. Good for you. But I said I didn't know anyone, and it's true. I Don't know you. lol

    Actually, I meant doctors were from another planet, not the patients!

  • I had a hemi thyroidectomy the end of Jan. My TSH has been top end of range or just over for about ten years and have Hashi's too but no treatment given until a week ago when my TSH is now 8.9 and T4 low end of range. I have been on Levo for ten days and have to say I feel crap. Will give four weeks more to see if dose helps and will go back to GP if no better.

  • my husband had a partial thyroidectomy and he spent 6 years in utter hell untreated with a TSH of 2.9 right into myxodeama madness , its total C**p for anyone to say you don't need thyroid meds

  • Moomin2, you may be able to get copies of those old blood tests. Might be useful because you can post them here and get some comments to take with you to your next appointment.

    My experience has been that when phoning receptionists you can often get hold of one or two sets of printouts. There will probably be a bit of faffing - I had one test get 'lost in the post' twice, and before that it 'wasn' t in my file', until I was lucky enough to phone on a day a temp was in the office and and she found it it first try!

    It helps if you know the exact date the blood was taken, and when you had the appointment to get the results. They seem to be filed sometimes under both those things.

  • Thanks my bloods are on the 16th and the appt with my dr the 20th so am hoping the results will be back by then. I can then question 😊

  • hello there

    Have you had your antibodies checked?

    last year my thyroid function levels were in normal range but my antobodies were off the chart normal range is around 60 to 70 mine were and still are around 1300

    i have been confirmed by Endo that i have Hashimotos

    explains all my symptoms . My gp was and is useless I am now looking for new surgery/gp

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