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Myxoedema in the lungs

Just wondering if anyone else has also had myxoedema in their lungs as well as the weight gain and if so was it treated easily or has it left you with a heart problem?

I think my myxoedema is in my lungs and has been for nearly a year. I just started on my Armour last week after being on Levo for six months which didnt work for me so I don't know whether to see if the Armour clears up the fluid from my lungs or whether I should go to the doctor about it? I had to go private to get treatment for my thyroid problem as my GP used to say there was nothing wrong with me.

I went to see my GP about the crackling noise last Sept but she just arranged for me to have one X-ray and said there was nothing wrong. I have been recording the crackling noises on my iphone for nearly a year now.

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This might be of some interest - despite being as old as it is:


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Have you considered trying high doses of N-Acetyl Cysteine, it is good for mucolytic conditions of the lungs... So is alfalfa to some extent, large doses,

and maybe Coleus Forskohlii might help...


Thanks both for your replies. I will look into what you have suggested finder but I think I better go back to the GP first and get them to take a closer look at my heart and lungs to ensure there has been no damage so far before I start looking at ways of getting rid of the fluid.


Please go back to your dr. My husband had a 'wheeze' for a few weeks last winter and was later diagnosed with lymphoma.


Thank you. I will. x


Good luck, hope you get it sorted ASAP!


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