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Why would I have an instant bad reaction to some foods?

It seems that when I eat some foods, I instantly feel unwell. I feel sick,have increased saliva production, my stomach churns, I burp a lot, feel like I'm drunk, my head feels spaced out, my speech slurs, my throat feels swollen and constricted, and I just feel awful. Just now I had a little bit of gluten free jaffa cake and gluten free maderia (tiniest bits) and instantly felt awful. Afterwards I feel drowsy. It can last from minutes up to an hour. Any ideas please.

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Have you tried taking an antihistamine (e.g.ordinary over-the-counter loratadine or cetirizine)?

Try taking one a while before one of the foods you know causes a problem.

If that helps you have at least got some evidence that histamine might be implicated in your response.



Thank you Rod. I feel a bit nervous though as I used to have reactions to antihistamines. I used to be hypersensitive to all types of medication. I could give it a try.


Was there any soya in the cakes? Have you checked all the ingredients in all the foods you react to and noticed anything that crops up every time?


I feel this way when I eat too much sugar. Could that be it, or does it happen with other non-sugary foods too?


PS. Sorry, I read too fast and didn't see where you said you felt your throat swell. This is surely allergic. Be careful and keep some antihistamines on you at all times in case you have a reaction. Chewing a few antihistamines can buy you time if you need medical attention.


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