Interesting link between vaccinations and antibodies, in canines

"Our ongoing studies of dogs show that following routine vaccination, there is a significant level of antibodies dogs produce against their own tissues...Some of these antibodies have been shown to target the thyroid gland, the connective tissue such as that found in the valves of the heart, red blood cells, DNA etc." Dr. Larry Glickman, VMD, PhD, 'Science Behind Vaccine Damage' by Catherine O'Driscoll, 2/24/09

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  • Danifox6, do you know which vaccinations were given to children born in the 1950's?


  • One thing we were vaccinated against was small pox. Not done anymore.


  • I don't. I don't think I even know what I had, I suspect everything there was at the time :(

  • Smallpox and DPT. We got to experience measles, mumps and chickenpox until, I think, mid 60s. We did get polio vaccines. Measles vaccines started in 1963, Mumps vaccine in late 60s (I think). Chicken Pox, I think was in the 90s. I had German Measles in 1970.

  • I had the polio, scarlet fever and small pox vaccines the 50's. I had tb vaccine in the 80's.

  • Another big concern with vaccines seems to be the use of mercury containing compunds as preservatives in them.

    It's hard not to think caution is warranted when you see stuff like the mention of their triggering inflammatory processes in dogs as mentioned in the paper...


  • I have high levels of mercury in me and am trying to improve the detox pathways with high levels of vitamins and minerals, particularly magnesium (under the guidance of an environmental dr). It is thought that the mercury has come from injections (60's child), amalgam fillings (due to be removed) and large fish like tuna, salmon and cod.

    I find it hard to get my head around the mercury issue, especially as I had believed that all 3 of these things above were for the benefit of my HEALTH!

    When I am re-tested later this year, I will blog fully.


  • I once went to a Homeopath from Tazmania and she said thyroid issues were sky high over there due to mercury in the water...

  • I h

    A friend of mine had a dog which, had had puppy jabs and year one booster. I warned against any more as it can have a detrimental effect on the immune system. Dogs, like humans, once fascinated, do not require anymore.

    3 weeks after the year 2 jabs, the dog became unwell. 6 months later he was finally diagnosed with Addison's. I pleaded with her not to vaccinate anymore. She actually took offence saying her husband and her kids need a foreign holiday and the dog had to go into kennels. So she vaccinated again this year and apparently the dog has gone downhill.

    I gently asked if she had looked at homeopathic medicine for the dog and she never replied. Deep down she knows she should have listened but she treated me like I was attacking her because I said her dog was sick and she didn't like that. "My family have to have a foreign holiday and the dog has to have jabs to go into kennels".

    It is not the first case I have seem either. There are now studies linking dog vaccines to autoimmune diseases. However the link is over vaccination i.e. repeat vaccines overloading the immune system.

    Hope that sheds some light on it.

  • You’re absolutely right, vaccinations are good for life immunity in pets as they are in humans... but it’s a multi-billion $$$$/year business...

    But things are [very] slowly changing and much more information is now available on the internet for pet owners on the deathly dangers of frequent vaccinations thanks to the workings of great vets like Drs. Jean Dodds, Ron Schwartz, Karen Becker, etc.

    Pet owners MUST work with or do phone consults with a vet that practices both allopathic and holistic veterinary.

    Roger Biduk

  • For this reason I had all my amalgam fillings removed just before Christmas. It cost me £650 all together so was a bit of a decision. I've been doing other things like taking vitamin D and Selenium and exercising more but I've started to notice a difference in my physical (and mental) health. I did go into the whole 'is this s good idea thing' re the fillings but I chose a dentist who used mouth dams and in general decided 'better out than in'.

  • Sorry about my spelling. It's the phone.

  • My amalgams are starting to go and I am having white replacements which I hate to think of needing them redone when I'm old !!!

  • Vaccinations and pets are similar to Thyroid and doctors. There is a protocol that benefits Big Pharma and often the doctors, and if anyone veers off that course, s/he is punished. It doesn't benefit the patients, for sure.

    Vaccinations can have terrible effects on animals, including giving them cancer (my cat died after many surgeries from Vaccine Associated Sarcoma--VAS, So I did years of in-depth research on the subject and my belief system totally changed from being very, very pro-vaccine). But it is not only the thimiserol in one injection. They are forced to have repeated, annual injections of rabies here in USA, although the first 1 plus 1 booster is shown in tests to confer long term to lifetime protection. And they have distemper and rhinotracheitis shots regularly, usually all given together so the pet's immune system is further degraded.

    There are many studies that have shown (mostly hidden on behalf of Big Pharma and Veterinarians who make 75% of their income on vaccines and vaccine related visits) that repeated insults to the body from vaccinations are -- and this is the big problem with the studies -- "probably" cause the growing health problems animals experience, including thyroid, diabetes, kidney problems and other deadly diseases that drive them into veterinary offices.

    So, even if vets initially become vets to help animals, they get into a bind where profit meets the road. They support what they have been taught (sound familiar to those of us with Thyroid treatment?) and don't question. And those who DO question, find themselves drummed out of practice, reviled, have their licenses questioned and are generally shut up.

    Imagine if you were to have annual smallpox/diphtheria/pertussis/measles/chickenpox vaccines! What might it do to your body? They wouldn't consider inflicting that on humans because of the ramifications and the potential for lawsuit recoveries.

    Back in the early 2000s this was much discussed and there was much strong information. I can find Dr. Bob Rogers' Critter Advocacy Link and his information is far, far more gentle than it was back then and it looks like he has been forced to be a bit quieter, but here is an educational link: There are so many other studies and experts but I can't remember who or where.

    Hope this is useful to you all.

  • I live in the States and we got a rescue dog. We had no idea of her history and do go ahead and get her vaccinated for usual stuff including the rabies.

    I doubt I will have any more vaccines for her though but I'm not sure if it compulsory here in the States to continue with the rabies?

    This poor baby is a young dog and suffers with seasonal allergies and gets tonsillitis...the vet said they would not remove these even though they were huge because it messes with the immune system.


  • Yes, it is compulsory in US. Sadly. Maybe critterfixer advocacy or other sites will help give you ideas. What State are you in?

  • Here are some more links, should you be interested in further research: (Dr. Jean Dodds info and studies about vaccination effects on dog thyroid)

  • Okay, rant over <vbg>

  • This is something that I have been wondering about. I'm a research scientist working on allergy and the immune system and it is known that allergy and autoimmunity is more common in the developed world and this has let to the hygiene hypothesis. That to be too 'clean' (less illness, parasites in the body etc) is bad practice for our immune systems. But immunisations are also more common in the developed world so this has had me wondering whether this could contribute to allergy/autoimmunity.

    Also when we immunise mice in order to give them asthma, when we open them up their tissues are full of the aluminium compound that we use to trigger the immune reaction. That has also got me wondering whether immunisations could trigger immune reactions against things other than the target. Nothing is without risks or drawbacks and although you might get the benefit of the immunitiy against the pathogen I bet the drawback is that you get some reactivity against other things too. eg I believe in the past oils like peanut oil were used in vaccinations ... hence the rise in peanut allergy. Its naive to think that we can stimulate the immune system to react and that it will only react against the desired thing. And especially in children when the immune system is immature and is learning how to respond to things. Such and artificial stimulus can't be good.

    I'm sure a search of pubmed will bring up numerous articles eg below

  • Hi, are you saying that it's standard practice to give mice vaccinations in order to make them asthmatic?

  • yes experimentally if you want to give a mouse asthma you give it something to stimulate an immune reaction (alum) along with the thing you want to make them sensitive to (eg ovalbumin egg protein) then if they breathe in ovalbumin they have an immune reaction in the lung that causes asthma.

    But if you infect them with parasites or give them sectretions from parasites it prevents them from developing asthma as the parasites are able to modify the immune response.

  • That's really interesting! So do you just inject them with aluminium or do you use a vaccination that happens to contain aluminium as an adjuvant?

    I'd heard about the parasites thing before but not about the secretions. Are there any asthma treatments that involve giving patients drugs based on parasite secretions?

  • I've been advised not to use anti-perspirants due to their aluminium content. As the aluminium can enter the body and cause problems. Also, aluminium foil and food containers. I know someone who is sensitive to nickel and this is in stainless steel saucepans, kettles and jewellery. All very scary as so many metals appear to be bad for us!


  • I just looked up Alum which is what we use to sensitise mice to something and it is listed as an ingredient in deoderants and in baking. Wonder if that is why gluten intolerance is so common these days?!

    If you read food labels often it will say things like contains nitrites etc which have been associated with food intolerances. Basically they are putting artificial things in out food like preservatives which are stimulating our immune systems and causing food intolerances. These days I am trying to eat as much natural unprocessed foods as possible as all these chemicals in food cant be good for you.

  • Interesting - in baking!!!

  • Blimey - that's got me thinking, i used to get horrendous rashes when i shaved, have never been able to shave and after trying so many gels and foams put it down to the razor, no issues with waxing so now i'm thinking........and funnily enough am changing my pans from non stick to ceramic....anti perspirants i need to look into :/

  • can anyone point me in the direction of more info about mercury in the body and help me with how to go about finding a dentist who removes amalgam fillings?

  • Also if there are concerns about vaccination it is not going to be publicised (even if it is true) because they don't want people to refuse immunisations. The health professionals have decided it is preferential to have allergy and autoimmunity rather than polio, measles etc. Risk management (also which is more costly for the NHS?)

  • i'm in south west dentist is very dismissive of the contamination and I am not, so impasse !

  • Now I feel truly worried - I had a rabies jab when I was off on travels some years ago!

  • Hashi, aint that the truth! Truth is buried, supposedly to save us from ourselves and our enquiring minds, and, coincidentally, greatly benefits, um, Big Pharma.

  • Jut wanted to say that our animals, mostly dogs and cats are over vaccinated. It seems that all of their vaccinations all need repeated repeatings!! I asked my vet about this as surely when you give a vaccination then antibodies are produced and they stay in the body for varying amounts of time but these times are usually long periods like years. He sort of gave me the wink and agreed somewhat that this was a concern..... Next time my dog's vaccinations are due I'm asking for his antibodies to that particular disease to be checked, I want to see for myself if he needs yet another vaccination.It might cost me a bit but I'm determined to find out for certain what exactly is going on. When, If, I find out I will publish the results to every Doggy and Catty website and forum and organization I can find.

  • Phoebs, I replied below. Ooops.

  • Problem is kennels won't take dogs without the jabs :( I've never vacsd my dogs but had to start as dog minder quit and I also foster pound dogs :(

    There is a guy on my facebook, Roger Biduk he does cat and dog nutrition and touches on this subject too, very informative and eye opening.

  • Danifox, sorry, instead of appropriately replying to you , I see I made a new entry!

  • Phoebs, did you check any of my links provided above? It's all very interesting.

    Danifox, I'll check out your Roger Biduk.

    And it's true. Many kennels and even vets won't care for a pet without vaccinations, thus guaranteeing some extra big bucks. Plus, all the extra care when they contract cancer (my cat cost me thousands of dollars for surgeries and care over his 5 year survival), organ failure, diabetes, kidney failure CRF, etc.

    My cats got their first two vaccinations and nothing in 3 years. If they MUST go to a vet, I will tell him/her that my cat had a deadly reaction to its last vaccination and that I was advised never again to get another vaccination because it will probably kill him. (That DID happen to people I know -- their cat was virtually comatose for several days, required IVs and care for weeks before brought to health again).

  • Hello Parafluie,

    Well said.

    Everything you wrote about pretty-well happened to me over 25 years ago and pet owners are still dealing with it... without a doubt, the major problem is bad vets; but I got back my $7200 in vet bills right after I threatened to sue.

    I expect the four Seal Points I now have, two Chocolate and two Blue, to be around till their late 20s and my Siberian Husky till his late teens.

    I’ve had two cats pass away at 25 and 26 years and they never, ever had to visit a vet except for one-time vaccinations (which, as we know, are all good for life immunity) and neutering as kittens.

    Pet owners MUST work with or do phone consults with a vet that practices both allopathic and holistic veterinary.

    Here's my list of almost 900 of them in the U.S., over 120 in Canada and 10 in the U.K.

    If anyone needs a name or two, I know of some of the very best.

    As Danifox6 mentioned, I also wrote a page on my website on vaccinations with informative links at the end. "Over-Vaccinations Are Killing Our Pets"

    There's lots more info on my FB page and FB timeline where you can also leave questions or comments.

    Roger Biduk

  • .....umm ! I have read all the posts and I remember having the BCG vaccination for TB when I was at school - at about 14 in 1960. I had the circle of needles in a prick and did not have a re-action so had to have the jab. Yikes it was awful and couldn't get it wet for weeks so no swimming ! A few years later I started with ghastly gut pains and eventually had my appendix out at 17 - complete with a lecture that I was causing a fuss as the appendix was fine ?!! At 27 I was hospitalised for almost 6 months with TB in my gut followed by Crohns ! What joy !

    Hashimotos diagnosed in 2005.....also my dog has UAT. Apparently dogs can have Hashi's too - so my vet tells me ! Not sure if this post is relevant - but hey there it is - vaccines - illness - thyroid - wellness. The journey continues .....

  • I can't help wondering about the number of vaccines I had to have when I started nursing. I really didn't want to have them but we had no choice in the matter if we wanted to commence training. This was in the late 60's and I'd been through a barrage of them in my childhood (born 1951). These were repeated yet again in the late 80's when I trained in mental health nursing. Never felt comfortable about this at all.

  • Oh my goodness when I wrote I had forgotten the "big bucks" connection between having the yearly vaccintions and kennels not taking animals. If I can prove that some or all of these vaccnations are not necessary every year by getting the antibody test then I will be making a very big deal out of it and will be going right into it to try to change things. I would hope that a big Dog charity like Dogs Trust might help as they will save millions.

  • Have you checked out the links I posted above from Roger Biduk's website? He has done a piece on vaccinations and money etc :)

  • this post has made the hair on the back of my neck go up. Up until 6 weeks ago , I was very healthy working out 4 days a week and very happy. I had a random blood test as I had not visited the doctor in 7 years and I was going to africa ( treking gorillas). I had to have 17 injections for the trip. !! against my better judgement, but being in such remote jungle areas I was convinced i needed these jabs. At the same time I had my blood test. Which came back as hypo. I was put on 25 levothyroxine and wanted to die. My doc increased to 50 last week , and I thought I was dead. Have decided to stop medication and I have more energy and eyes are looking brighter. I am begining to wonder whether all my jabs had anything to do with Hypo results !!!

  • 17 injections!!! What on earth were they? They must have included some catch up childhood ones in there or were the courses 1, 2, and 3 doses of the same ones? I know you would have Yellow Fever, maybe Japenese Encephalitis, Hepatitis A, possibly Hep B, Rabies (if you are more than 10 miles from a medical centre), can't think of anymore unless you hadn't had your normal childhood Tetanus,Diphtheria, Polio etc

  • I am shocked, but that's because i have no knowledge on this !! 17 is a lot isn't it :(

  • hi yes, your correct i had triple hep a & b. typhoid, rabies x 3, yellow fever. tetanus, diptheria, polio and cholera , jap encep plus the normal blood test. You seem shocked, are you a medical professional - did I get overdosed on vaccines. These were the jabs I was told I needed for my trip

  • No, I'm not shocked, it's just that the extra "childhood"ones make the difference. Some people do get a course of these again when they are doing something like trekking in the middle of nowhere, depends on whether all the courses are down there n their records. Sometimes a person has already had enough as the courses of childhood ones should be up to date and finished wth at age 15yrs so no more Tetanus should be necessary once you have had x 5 you are covered for life....although you wouldn't know that it has been like that for ten years because if you go to any A&E dept you will find that they are still giving them out willy nilly. Yes I am a medical person.

  • Dr. Mike Kohn, DVM and Catherine O'Ddriscoll sum it up::

    "I think that vaccinations are the leading killers of dogs and cats in America today." Dr. Mike Kohn, DVM

    “I promise you this – annual [frequent] vaccination is coming to an end. We will look back in horror at what we used to do.” Catherine O’Driscoll, author of “What Vets Don't Tell You about Vaccines” and “Shock to the System: The Facts about Animal Vaccination, Pet Food and How to Keep Your Pets Healthy”.

    Ten Vaccine Myths by Catherine O’Driscoll

    The Science of Vaccine Damage by Catherine O’Driscoll

    Over-Vaccinations Are Killing Our Pets by Roger Biduk

    Roger Biduk

  • If have just had a metals profile done on my bloods, I would recommend it if you are concerned about amalgams etc

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