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what are the t's about?

T3 and the others. what level should they be at to be normal? i get results this morning from blood test and want to know what i should be looking for. thanks for all the replies , they've been helpful, i'm not on any drugs but levothyroxine, so symtoms are unlikely to be the result of taking anything else, although for past three months when cramps and pains kicked in i took over the counter painkillers almost every day. does rest/stress affect the way med works? just curious. gave up and went to bed for two days over the weekend, and pain decreased. not something i often do, and don't want to be doing in the future.. and finally, if i ask doc for a print out of past results will i be likely to get them?


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You simply have to ask when you request the results. There is no other way.

Every lab has its own ranges and, over time, even they can change.

We might disagree about interpretation, but it is essential to start with the lab's reference ranges.



According to many doctors, results anywhere in range are normal, but experience tells us that it is not enough to be in range, we need to be at the top. Of or just over range with free t4, and free t3 also need to be nearer the top of the range than the bottom.

If you ask for your results make sure you get the ranges or each test. Without the reference range, you cannot interpret the test result.

Your doctor has to give you the results and you are entitled, under the 1998 data protection act, to have copies of all test results over the past ( 10?) years...... The doctor can charge for giving you old results, but not for new ones.

You may have to write as say which test results you need, and quote the act.

Muscle and joint pain could be l related to Levothyroxine not adequately converting to t3, See articles by the late dr John Lowe, on this ubject.



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