TSH even lower. Now 0.02

Got my recent results back today. Dr says I've to keep doing what I'm doing, and go back in 3 months. Have appt with endo on 21st, so will see what he says.

This years results:

Feb TSH: 9.49 T4: 16.2 T3:1.5 on 125 daily

Apr TSH: 0.04 T4: 22.4 T3:1.7 on 150 daily

Jun TSH: 0.02 T4: 21.7 T3:1.9 on 125/150 alternating days


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  • How do you feel on the various doses?

  • Hi Bobbin, tbh, I don't know. I don't notice any difference when my dosages change, and in fact, after I'd been on the first dosage for about 2 years, I stopped taking them for a fortnight as I thought they were causing migraines. I still got migraines, and took my meds again, but in those 2 weeks I didn't feel any different. I've been in meds now for nearly 7 years and no longer know if 'normal' feels any different. Occasionally, my heart feels jittery, and when I don't sleep well I feel tired, but this is never around a change in dosage.

  • Hi The most important thing is how do you feel? Some GP`s will not treat with T3 if low tSH. However, it can go lower, mine is immeasurable ( good Endo), If you are sure the T3 test is Free T3, or says FT3, ( there is total T3 too, but not considered much use) then this is very low, and you would almost definitely benefit from a little less T4 ( levo) and a small amount, say 20mcg, of T3 with it. This is because , with such a high T4 your T3 should be higher ,unless not converting it properly in your body ( common), Normally needed to feel well

    Importantly , this is guessing as no ranges, You must always ask for ranges as vital, also different ( like most blood tests) at different Labs, that does not matter as different assays, but, essential to have the ranges, go back to receptionist and ask. Endo always phone the secretary if not sent to you automatically, tell Endo too ,if you remember and ask for a copy of their letters to GP, some do this automatically, but always ask

    .As a rough rule, we mostly need T4 in top third of range and Free T3, near the top, to feel well, so important , ranges and how you feel.

    Best wishes,


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  • Hi Jackie,

    the receptionist gives me the results, and she just reads what the doctor has written. Normally I'm told 'It's fine', and now that I've started asking for ACTUAL numbers, I get a big sigh and then she says to call back the following day after she's spoken to the doctor. I'm seeing the endo in a week, so will ask him about the ranges. Thank you.

  • Hi Never rely on receptionists, I have had wrong results from mine, although intelligent and helpful ,receptionists. Always without fail ask for a print out ( any bloods) with ranges, also often a docs OK is not ours, especially if feel "off". I would go back and ask for a print out+ ranges, routine. Always keep them too, as thyroid etc may alter anytime, Also all consultant letters.If not happy with your Endo, always remember you can have a new referral, but in this case do your own research first.

    Best wishes,


  • Thanks Jackie - will do that this week!

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