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Immune system help - always sick with colds flu etc (Hashimotos)? Also depression.. do SSRI's work for Hashis related depression?


I have an appointment with my GP later on today.

I have depression which can be really bad, but sometimes I'm ok...

Also it doesn't help that I seem to be constantly sick with sinus infections coughs, colds, sore throats. My immune system seems to be extremely low.

Wondering if there's anything that I can 'ask' for medication wise for my immune system and should I ask for SSRI for the depression?

Please advise me if you can help?

Am at my wits end!


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I get flu frequently when my TSH is too high (above 2) How does your TSH look?


Actually we've recently been trying to get it down from 0.008 or something like that - anyway last test 2 weeks ago it was 0.12.

I take 100 -125 on alternate days to keep my heart from racing.

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Have you checked vitamin d levels as low levels can be related to depression x


Well I've seen the GP & explained everything & she's referred me to the top endo here in the north west on the NHS.

I have seen someone private & it was extremely expensive.

I did not have my vitamin D checked by him.

I should be able to get everything checked out by my 'new ' endo & hopefully get some answers & help! !


...also you will need your FT3 tested so you can have some idea how the T4 is converting into the most active of all the thyroid hormones T3.

T3 is sometimes used for treating depression - so maybe have it checked and if low then ask your Doc/Endo for some to take with the T4. An 80/20 dose I believe.

Hope you soon feel better....


All the best x


I get really debilitating colds and flu all the time, but then I travel by public transport where you can pick up bugs all the time!! Depression is a symptom of hypothyroid and when you are taking the right amount of the right thyroxine it reduces!!



Yes I pick up bugs on public transport & public places all the time too,

Even a surgical mask on planes doesn't help me.

My doctor said my bio chemical bloods do not show immunodeficiency disease..

Still confused!


How are your antibodies? This should be a standard test for hashimoto sufferers


They were about 340 or something if I remember rightly. Not bad really.

But my TSH was 350 22 months ago. The depression is on and off since then .


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