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Advice please!

having gone down the route of most medications and endos! I have now been prescribed t3 only - a trial run. Although I am more than agreeable to making the change - as 3 years of feeling ghastly is taking it's toll - that's putting it politely - should I not have a gap between the two and detox before beginning t3 ? Having read parts of Paul Robinsons book this eve - he went without medication for 8 weeks - scary - What should I do?

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Hi If you trust the Endo, I would do as they suggest. Everyone is different. Really a lot depends on how your TSH, T4 and Free T3 were.? Did you try the normal T4 and Free T3 after bloods, and then if no good armour etc? My Endo likes T3 as a last resort.

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,



I've tried it all - just wondering if levo needs to be out if my system before going on to t3? My endo is nice enough and believe me I've seen loads but not sure she knows the answer anymore than I do - I'm just the guinea pig!


Just started T3 only today. Was told to stop n.d.t. then start T3. Confirmed this with private doctor, who said take T3 only. Like you tried all, seen loads. Hope this works.


But did you not have a break at all in between the two?


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