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Hypo, Meds & Pregnancy

I've only recently been diagnosed as hypothyroid, ive been having eye issues for a while and was told its not thyroid related and then after months of pain told that hypo can affect the eyes also although a smaller percentage of patients compared to hyper patients. Has anyone else been hypo with eye issues?

I havent started tablets yet, im nervous to start as i dont know if these tablets and their side effects may affect me successfully getting pregnant in the near future and also if they may bring on other illnesses or side effects. Have others with hypo managed to successfully get pregnant with no problems and how have you found taking tablets daily affected your overall health and have you developed other illnesses since or side effects? Links would also be helpful thanks.

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Welcome to our site. I am sorry you are also having eye issues. I think your GP should refer you to an Endocrinologist if he hasn't already done so.

If you have just been diagnosed there is no need to worry about taking levothyroxine as it is just a synthetic hormone which our thyroid gland produces if it is working normally. Having your thyroid gland hormones at an optimal level will help with pregnancy as an underactive gland affects every part of your body, especially female problems.

This is a link re pregnancy which I hope you will find helpful.

You can take your hormones on waking before breakfast with a glass of water as you want it to go directly into your stomach. You can have breakfast about an hour later.

You can also take it at bedtime but mustn't have food 2 hours before Many prefer to do this.

If you decide morning is best do not take meds before your next blood test, take it afterwards. If you take it evening. miss this dose before your blood test and take it afterwards.

Most people do well on levothyroxine. Always get a copy of all your thyroid gland blood test results complete with the ranges and post here if you have a query.

If you haven't already done so get one for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, ferritin, folate and iron. The first two are usually deficient in hypothyroidism.

Best wishes


Thank you for the informative reply. If i start meds, will i need to take them for life?


Yes. You may need adjustments at times.


I was hypthyroid during pdegnancy and i was under a consultant who took bloods every few weeks. My symptoms were at thir best when i was pregnan


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