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Hi guys, Any advice on latest blood test results would be Great, ?underactive thyroid but results don't support that, i see specialist later

This is my 3rd test in the last 6 months,

plasma free T4 level 5.8 ( Range 6.3-14.)

Plasma TSH level 1.53 (Range 0.3- 5.6)

Prolactin level 175 (Range 0.0- 566.o)

Cortisol level 271 (Range 140- 690 )

Plasma free triiodothyronine 3.2 (Range 2.5-5.7 )

I have symptoms that they said suggest a possible Thyroid problem, the reason I was eventually tested .

I feel rough help.

I'm in my early 40s,I'm losing hair, i've put on a lot of weight recently yet I barely eat, I can sleep 17hours sometimes, feel rundown,depressed. and I feel like I have a lump or pressure part way down my neck if that means anything to anyone.

I am having treatment for other health problems but they have been eliminated as a cause too. Any ideas?

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You're hypo. The TSH may be in range but that T4 is below range and your FT3 is in range but much too low. Not surprised you have hypo symptoms! Your cortisol could be higher, too.

Hugs, Grey


Thank you for answering Grey, you have no idea how that reassured me. I Have actually not felt well since Christmas but I was told by my Doctor it was a virus and it would go.:-)

Lets just say it didn't go and leave it at that shall we.

Wish me luck with my thyroid doctor this afternoon, I only want to start feeling better.



Hi Everywhere

I hope everything goes well with your thyroid doctor this afternoon. I had a terrible time with my previous GP who failed to diagnose my Hashi's and it got to the point where they refused to test my bloods. I changed GPs and the practice I'm now with are brilliant - they tested me for thyroid autoantibodies which came back positive and within three months have diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. My previous GP took over a year and never came to that conclusion!

There is hope out there, I promise you, and there's no better feeling than once you know that your fears have been proved right and you were right to worry. That's how I felt when I was proved right about my Hashi's.

Best wishes

Blossom xx


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