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Newbie -looking for advice on how to get a diagnosis

I've been suffering from a host of symptoms - many of which are listed as a diagnosis for Hypothyroid- for approx 25 years ! Always my TSH comes back as normal, blood sugars usually normal and cholesterol raised ( although not treated). 9 months ago I had a very large goitre removed and although my TSH has remained 'normal' it has dropped from 1.6 at discharge to 0.97 a couple of months ago. But I have had the worst (consistent ) symptoms ever in the last 9 months I'm convinced there is a problem> In my desperation to get a diagnosis a couple of years ago I found the symptoms also match that of Fibromyalgia and was 'diagnosed' as such but refuse to accept it. Can anyone give me an outline on the best approach to get the appropriate tests from my GP please :) ?

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Go to Getting Diagnosis on LH side.

Get a print out of all blood test results (as far back as you can)from GP's surgery.

With high lighter pen pick out TSH T4 and T3 including reference ranges.

I find you can better compare them and when and if you present them to a Consultant/Endocrinologist makes it quicker to evaluate what has been happening.

Am sure you will get further advice on here soon.



This is so frustrating. We had the same thing with both my husband and my daughter. If you follow Woolwyn's advice above you may find your doctor more amenable. However, if this does not work you may have to get a private diagnosis which is what we did. Thyroid UK has a list of private recommended doctors.

Hopefully your trip to your own doctor will prove fruitful however. If he can give you all the tests as advised on the TUK page post them on here with reference ranges and perhaps we can advise further.

Good luck. Jane x x


Thanks Wyn, having recently moved area and changed GP surgeries, Im only getting the most recent blood test results at the moment, so will have to go armed with requests for the others I think. :)


I must admit Jane I haven't had many visits to the new GP but have had various responses from different ones so will have to pick and choose carefully. Will try this route first before going down the private route- but good to know its available. Hope you're husband and daughter are now feeling better. :)


TSH and thyroid hormones have distinctive daily fluctuations. See here:

Having your blood drawn as early as possible in the morning would usually ensure the highest TSH reading. Is 08:00 possible?



What are your T3 and T4 levels? The way I see it if you have a goiter that is a pretty good sign that you have a thyroid problem! And if you've had it cut out you probably need thyroid replacement. Have you been tested for antibodies?


Thanks Rod, will keep it in mind.


And Hashi - no idea on the T3/4 or antibodiesonly ever got as far a a TSH B/T. Are these good ones to ask for ?


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