Have diagnosis oh Hypopituitarism. with acth low cortisol) ,hasi thryoid and abnormal low growth hormone

has anyone else on this forum been diagnosed with this, have had mri scan which show empty sella in piturity may have been caused by Sheehans syndrome 29 years ago when had massive heamorraghing after birth of my son, was diagnosed hypothyroid shortly after this birth but has had ongoing probs with health for years and seroius depression at times in my life, my father also had bi-polar, gioter, pituitry tumour and acromegaly, talk about poor treatment but have found that gps have virtually no knowledge of symtons and has been fobbing me off for years with its stress and depression and menopuase, etc etc

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  • I don't remember anyone else posting they have empty sella - but you might get some help here:


    All the best


  • There's an american forum with a discussion mdjunction.com/forums/hypop... - lots of people there were diagnosed after many years like you, you might get some helpful advice. I am so glad you have a correct diagnosis now after all this time. Joanna

  • Thankyou for this info joanna, I just wish I could swap stories with someone but nobody out there seem to have this diagnosis, just feeling a bit isolated and scared.

  • I'm so sorry you feel isolated and scared, and hope you get some help soon. The MD Junction forum is full of personal stories and if you tell yours I'm sure you'll get some feedback, but of course I know it would be much more comfort to actually meet someone. Really, though it may not feel like that at the moment, you're better off now than you were in all those long years when they were fobbing you off with incorrect diagnoses. At least the treatment should help. Joanna xx

  • Thanks for the link its good to have this contact, I appreciate you replying

  • I was also diagnosed with partial empty sella after my son was born. I am also hypothyroid diagnosed at 36. I have been feeling terrible. I just turned 53 yesterday and started suffering with tinnitus. It is absolutely horrible! My tsh is 0.077. I am on Levothyroxin .88mcg.

  • Have you asked for pituitary testing with an endo? Push for a atch test.

  • They did an MRI that was how I was diagnosed. I will ask for that test. I just found a new endo. I had lossed faith in doctors. But, I need help. Thank you for your reply. Years ago I was on growth hormone injections. I was much younger then. It did seem to help.

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