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Lansoprazole, watery diarrhoea and generalized oedema

Lansoprazole, watery diarrhoea and generalized oedema

We have a number of people here who are on Lansoprazole. This is simply to alert people to the outside possibility of these "side effects". And that controlled stopping might help.

Obviously, if it was happening to everyone taking it, then we would not have waited this long to see a paper saying so. Therefore, assume this to be unusual.

Intern Med. 2013;52(11):1183-1187.

Protein-losing Enteropathy Associated with Collagenous Colitis Cured by Withdrawal of a Proton Pump Inhibitor.

Ozeki T, Ogasawara N, Izawa S, Mizuno M, Yanamoto K, Noda H, Okaniwa N, Tanabe A, Sasaki M, Kasugai K.


Department of Gastroenterology, Aichi Medical University School of Medicine, Japan.


A 63-year-old woman was admitted with symptoms of watery diarrhea and generalized edema lasting for five months. She had been administered 15 mg/day of lansoprazole. Laboratory findings revealed severe hypoproteinemia with normal liver, renal, thyroid and adrenal functions and no proteinuria. Colonoscopy revealed edematous mucosa, minor diminished vascular transparency and apparent longitudinal linear lacerations. The histopathological findings were compatible with a diagnosis of collagenous colitis (CC). Protein leakage from the colon was identified on 99mTc-human serum albumin scintigraphy. The results indicated CC associated with protein-losing enteropathy. Discontinuing lansoprazole ameliorated the watery diarrhea and generalized edema, increased the serum albumin level and improved the hypoproteinemia.



[PubMed - as supplied by publisher]


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Hummmmm I find this very interesting & fascinating. I am on 40mg Lanzoprazole & have been now for over 9 months. Will bring this up with my GP. Thanks for the article


I was put on 60 mg Lanzoprasole for difficulty swallowing, and pain in oesophagus. The oesophageal problems were due to myxoedema and Lanzoprasole made me achlorhydric with severe absorption problems which in turn made me more hypo. It is horrible stuff.



I could not tolerate lansoprazole but take omeprazole for reflux, have long suspected that this also has an effect on absorption of nutrients etc. i take it an hour after levo.


I was offered omeprazole for nausea. Very reluctantly I agreed - and vomited violently on first (and only) tablet taken.

Never again.

Vitamin D supplementation seemed to help a lot with the nausea! :-)



I have been on both, and noticed my platelets dropped on my liver function tests, I also did not get any benefit , I take mastic gum and find it good.

Best wishes Helen


The title of this post... ain't medecine lovely!



What a horrible term, yeeughh.

Who'd call anything "Lansoprazole" ? :-)



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