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Help with results please

Hi I've recently been told I have an uat. I don't understand the results and wondered if I could get some help with them please?

Thyroid peroxide antibod lev: thyroid peroxidase anti body Value 343.5 iu/ml

Plasma C reactive protein : Value 13mg/L

Thyroid hormone tests :

Free T4 level 11.1pmol/L

Serum TSH level 9.77 mU/L

Many thanks,


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Hi Violet

If you had the ranges for the results it would be handy. There should be numbers in brackets next to the results. :)

Even without them, however, I can take an educated guess that your TSH is high and T4 is low. You also have thyroid antibodies - this means that you probably have Hashimotos:

Have you been put on treatment? This information might help too:




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