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European Availability of Medicines

European Availability of Medicines

Recent discussion over the availability (i.e. is it licensed) status of Liothyronine in various countries has been both interesting and, potentially, important to some individuals such as travellers.

The European Medicines Agency has a page that lists the relevant authority in each European country:

National competent authorities for human medicines

(In case that link does not work, go to and look around - there will be a link to Human Medicines, then on to the list.)

They also have a short list of non-EU regulators:

Regulators outside the European Union

For example, I tried Latvia but could not understand the site (although viewing it in English, a large proportion was still in Latvian). Then I tried Malta - no problem with language - all approved medicines available in a downloadable spreadsheet from the front page:

And from that, I found this line:

THYROID THERAPYH03AA02Liothyronine Sodium BP 20mcgLiothyronine Sodium BP 20micrograms TabletsTablet PoMAA077/01601PL10972/0033Goldshield Pharmaceuticals Ltd.NLA Tower 12-16 Addiscombe Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 OXT, United Kingdom. 27.08.07

(I have looked up Liothyronine simply because it has recently been so relevant but the sites should cover all the medicines in each country.)

Of course, I have no idea how many of these country-specific sites will be easily accessible and have the required information available. Further, there will undoubtedly be cultural issues such as UK residents' familiarity with Prescription-only Medicines, Pharmacy medicines and general list medicines (Over The Counter) - but not with how the issues are handled elsewhere. On top of language issues!

If any readers feel they can make their way through any of these sites and identify information about thyroid hormone medicines (especially the non-English language sites), that would be a very interesting thing to put in comments below.


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