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Miserable at 4am update

Made it to the doctor and received the standard "oh it must be terrible" talk and been sent for more blood tests but I had to ask for T3 and thyroidglobulin (not sure what T this is) but feel so let down. Its always a waiting game and they don't understand how long a week can seem when you feel like this.

I suppose I've just got to wait and see.

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Most labs can do standard thyroid and TSH tests within hours to a day or two. The logjam occurs between the results being produced and a doctor a) looking at them; b) doing anything about them; c) eventually, if they see the need, calling you in and/or letting you know.

If you are having the blood drawn today, I'd be ringing up for results on Monday.

Thyroglobulin is a protein that should only be present within your thyroid. If it spills into your bloodstream, that could cause antibodies to it to be produced. That is taken as an indicator of autoimmune thyroid disease (basically, Hashimoto's). So it is probably TGab (Thyroglobulin antibodies) that are being tested.

But I could be getting it wrong - they do sometimes test directly for thyroglobulin. It should be pretty much undetectable.



Thanks that's really helpful. I wonder if I'll ever really know all about this disease. I was diagnosed with graves so not sure if this affects the reason for the thyroidglobulin test?


It might.

I promise you, every honest endo agrees. It is a huge subject and far more complicated than most people appreciate.

The more you learn, the more you know you don't know. :-(



I feel for you. The whole testing cycle can seem to go on for ever and before you know it another month has gone by.Try booking your doctor's appointment for a week after the blood test. I'm lucky because my GP usually looks at the results within 24 hours of receipt but if this isn't the case for you if you have an appointment they have to look at them.

Good luck



You should be able to book a telephone call from the doctor....perhaps yo could call and ask for the doctor to phone you on Monday? Rod is correct that the bloods do not take very long at all these days....most likely be done by this evening if you had the blood taken this morning.......



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