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Can someone help with results please?

Hi All,

I'm getting really confused (again!) My resting pulse rate is about 80, my basal temperature is on average 37.3 both are taken first thing in the morning before I get up.

My FT4 and TSH blood results are as follows:

22.06.12 T4=7.3 TSH = 28.26

17.12.12 T4=9.6 TSH = 17.65

07.05.13 T4=6.3 TSH = 7.54

Between the first and second readings I was not taking my tablets properly (wrist has been smacked) in fact I probably missed more than I took.

The last 3 months I have taken Levothyroxine 100mg every morning but my results were coming down on their own and I don't feel any better on the medication. My pulse and body temp aren't normal to hypo either but I have all of the symptoms! Can anyone help me please? Could there be something else wrong that is affecting the results?

I can't take much more of this fatigue and mood swings - it's killing my marriage and I'm not being the Mum to my little ones that I want to be. In fact I can't bear to be near them sometimes and it's breaking my heart.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

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I think you need an increase in medication.

It's important when posting blood test results to post their reference ranges as they vary from laboratory to laboratory but I can still tell from yours that your T4 is too low and your TSH is to high. I know my lab has a reference range of 9 - 21 for T4 so yours is likely to be below range too. Most people feel better when their T4 is in the upper part of the reference range.

Your TSH is too high, it needs to come down, at least down to around 1 - 2. I'm surprised that you got those blood test results and your doctor didn't immediately say to increase your medication.

What did your doctor say? Can you go back and ask for an increase in medication? I can tell you of some information to show to your doctor if you need it.

Being hypo is horrible, but does get better when your medication is at an optimal level for you. I do really feel for you. Tell people around you that you're ill but that you're on the road to recovery, they just need to bear with you and support you.

Many Hugs,

Totoro x


Hi Hard to tell without the ranges, but tSH definitely too high. You need an Free T3 test, essential and the treatment with T3 in addition to thyroxine. You may need more or less levo ( T4) with it ,.Ask the receptionist for the ranges. If the same Lab each time, they will be the same. Normally T4 should be in top third of range, FT3 near the top of range ( must not go over), this reduces the tSH which is much too high. Some T4 will reduce the TSH but not by much and also needs a much higher dose if on its own

Best wishes,



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