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Hi at last got diagnosis after 5 years of first presenting with thyroid antibodies to be told by GP it's nothing and 1 year with a useless Endo. Went to new Endo and within a month diagnosed. Only person that actually felt my neck. Had ultrasound yesterday thyroiid enlarged and there is a nodule on right hand side of thyroid. I am going for another ultrasound with a radiologist. I am having another MRI scan on pituitory. I have been resistant to thyroxine and they think I have a tiny pituitary tumour that is so small it cannot be picked up on scan. They just want to check. All tests should be completed by 29 August when I should hopefully restarts treatment.

Excuse spelling mistakes. I cannot find specs!

Thanks for all your support. I would appreciate any info on Hashi disease and a gluten free diet!

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It will be a relief for you to be diagnosed at last and your new good Endo will put things right.

Others will give you info on Hashi's (also there are tags at side which may be helpful) and diet.


Hello I'm just starting this process , I have a ultra sound scan booked for next week as Ive been out of sorts for ages and been suffering with what I feels a Lump in my throat :-(my mum suffers with hashimotos thyroiditis , and I fear I have the same , I had bloods taken on Thursday but not had any results :-/. I wi continue to watch your journey also!


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