Purified thyroxine cost

Hi guys,

I'm having to bite the bullet and go private to get purified thyroxine as the NHS have refused to prescribe this for me.

I've had another week-long trial of thyroxine and it's completely wiped me out. I don't know what it is but I just can't tolerate it - even the so-called hypoallergenic eltroxin solution.

Evotrox worked a treat, but that's no longer available.

Anyway, I was wondering if someone could shed some light on how much it costs to secure Martindale's purified thyroxine privately... I've heard some horror stories, but I'm desperate.


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A few questions.

Have you considered Tirosint? - a USA gel product which seems to be quite popular among those who use it. I can see a cost of around 75 US dollars for 28 "capsules" and they are available in a range of doses from 13 to 150 micrograms.


Martindales purified is only produced in, I think, 25, 50 and 100 so any other dose requires combinations adding to the cost.

Have you considered the new Westhroid P which has, if I remember correctly, only one excipient - inulin. (Yes, I know that, being desiccated thyroid, it is not an exact equivalent medicine.)


Martindales might not be the only company who would produce "purified" levothyroxine. And the price you are charged might vary depending on the pharmacy through which you order. Make no assumptions!


Many thanks Rod. I'll look into this. I've heard about Tirosint before and I guess it's worth a shot rather than throw hundreds of pounds at a private prescription.....

In case you're not aware, there is now an alternative liquid thyroxine available. It's marketed by both MercuryPharma (under their Eltroxin name) and Teva. Info here, click on purple bar that says UK - Liquid Synthetic Levothyroxine:


Hi Red Apple, I am actually taking the Eltroxin solution. Despite having almost identical ingredients to Evotrox, I cannot tolerate it at all.


Can you tell me where I can purchase this from? I ve been on the website (above) you recommended and cant seem to find andy 'purchase' information?

Regards Ollybear

Hi Ollybear, In the UK Levothyroxine in any form is a prescription only medicine. Hence you cannot purchase it as such. You need to ask your doctor to prescribe it for you :)

I looked into this a few months back and the cost was very high - not so high for the lactose free thyroxine but for the purified it was horrendous, although I only enquired about Martindales and went through Boots.

Moggie x

Hi Moggie, are we speaking about several hundred for a month's supply?


Yep - the lactose free one's were 46p each but the purified were ridiculous. I definitely found out (from people on here) that sourcing from abroad was a lot cheaper. Phone Boots for a quote but make sure your sitting down when he rings you back with the price.

Moggie x

Thanks Moggie - I'll give it a try

Make sure you stress purified as I went backwards and forwards for days only to find that the pharmacist was talking about lactose free (that how I know the price of them) whilst I was talking about purified.

Good luck and please let us know how you get on.

Moggie x

I will do. I think it needs to be purified as I've tried lactose free without joy. I think I may have an allergy to Parahydroxybenzoates, but I can't seem to find any info on it online or find a way to prove this to justify an NHS prescription.

I have an article that speaks of reactions of fillers etc (you can tell I have done my research cant you.lol.) but it would be to long to post on here. If you PM me your email address I will link it to you as its on my works computer. I couldn't save the link when I tried so had to save it as a document. If you want it let me know. It is written by a doctor (all be it American) but is talking about why and when thyroid meds don't work.

Moggie x

Moggie I would like to read this please if you wouldn't mind sending me.. will message you my email addy

I get my purified thyroxine from Martindales on the NHS. I am in Chesterfield. Is this a case of postcode lottery as to whether the GPmsays yes to it or not.?

Hi martindales have told my pharmacist they have compounded levothyroxine. Is this what you mean by purified levothyroxine? I ask as I am having a problem finding a supplier that can obtain purified levo.

Never could understand the term "purified" - it is as if they take existing tablets, grind them up, extract the active ingredient, then use that to make up capsules! But I would have expected them to buy high purity levothyroxine powder, dilute that, and use the resulting mixture to fill capsules. That is, it is "impurified" with whatever other ingredient is chosen! :-)

If Martindales charge a fortune, you could consider Tirosint - a gel form. Around 150 US dollars per 28 caps regardless of dose. (It might be possible to get it at a lower price - I have never really looked for the best price.)

It has the be an Endo that initially prescribes it. It is the compounded thyroxine from Martindale and so does not contained the unidentified fillers in standard tablets.

Hi Sharon , I thought that the fillers in standard tablets could be identified. They are listed on the Patient Information Leaflet that comes with the tablets. So, you can see that Actavis, Wochhardt and Mercury Pharma use some of the same fillers and some different fillers. The info is on the thryoiduk website too.

Quite right about the excipients being listed. Trouble is, when it says, for example, Sucrose, you really don't know where that came from. Beet or cane? Or somewhere else?

For people who appear to have extraordinary sensitivity, the name of the ingredient may not be sufficient to identify whether they are likely to be able to tolerate the product. They might need to know with greater certainty the precise source.

You wod think that would be the case but I am allergic to something in standard levothyroxine, even though there is nothing listed that could cause me a problem! Hence I am on Martindales levothyroxine which does not cause any issues

I live in Chesterfield and my GP won't! Any advice?

I had it prescribed initially by Dr Allabadia who is an endocrinologist at Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield. He then negotiated with my GP to have it on my NHS prescription.

Hi Sharon, because it's not a licensed drug, I cannot find an NHS doctor who would 'take the risk' and prescribe this for me...

hi there endo at local hospital prescribed it for me only yesterday, have not received it yet as pharmacy has to source it for me. i dont know exactly yet as endo just prescribed purified levo. regards brenda ps i live in south wales

It has the be an Endo that initially prescribes it. It is the compounded thyroxine from Martindale and so does not contained the unidentified fillers in standard tablets.

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