Led Zep are Still the Best

Hi Everybody,

It is Saturday pm and I am feeling good. Sitting at the computer and listening to Led Zeppelin and thinking about my holiday to Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife and Santa Cruz de la Palma. Still have a long way to go but my brain is functioning again. The fog has lifted and I am able to juggle information. The best thing is not thinking in circles. I can hold conversations where I start with a simple premise, develop the topic and come to a conclusion. Oh frabjous day!!!! Absolutely convinced that it is the trioidothyronine. Pains in joints and back improving even more. Happiness is still there too.

Had a bit of a set back two weeks ago when the breathlessness I have experienced since last year became worse. Was admitted to hospital and told that I needed to take Frusemide for

congestive heart failure. It was a shock because I had been to the cardiac unit in November and been told I had a mild stenosis of the aortic valve. No recommendations for treatment were made at the time. when I went to see one of the doctors at my surgery. Hhe was not very concerned.

I have just been to see my doctor and she read the letter from the consultant carefully and found that I should have been prescribed the fluid retention tablet almost three months before. Do you have to die dramatically at the GP's feet to be taken seriously? Any drugs are helping.

Still have pains/tightness in abdomen and backs of legs and convinced that I have low cortisol levels. 8,00am blood test also showed that my cortisol level was low last November. Asked GP for 24 hour test but she wants to do another morning test. I know this is not good enough but I will indulge her for the moment. It is difficult to jump from one condition to the other even though they are related. I need a bit of a break. Later I am going to ask for referral to endocriologist in one of the London teaching hospitals. any recommendations highly welcome.

Foreby these hassles, I do feel much more positive and happy to be alive.



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Great blog! Thanks Lin! :-) xx

Have you had our Endo list...!? There's a couple in London...





Hi Louise,

Thanks for your reply. Will have a look at the list. Trouble is I am running short of money so it will probably have to be NHS. Need to keep money for blood tests too.

I am very grateful for this forum because I have been able to slowly work myself back to being human again. The greatest gift has been an increase in motivation and to remember how to motivate myself.



Yeah - Endo list is NHS.



Fantastic, off to sort out a consultation. x

my partner and myself will be attending the 'barts ' trust ---on a second opinion through the 'choose and book ' ststem on 2nd april......i will definately blog with how this went and how i good / bad the endo---and the appt. went....hopefully this may be of help to you in the future....

Oh that would be simply brilliant and very good luck!

Hi Alan

Be really handy for people to know - but please keep Endo names to initials only whether 'good' or 'bad' - this is an open site and if they google themselves it will come up in the search! :-)




no problems louise, see even a techno idiot like me can learn some things.

LED ZEP REALLY ARE THE BEST! and long may the positivity and happiness continue B-)

Amen to that. Thanks for positive comments. X

So for cat and Led Zep lovers alike:


totally off topic.

Not off topic at all. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ah is what I shout internally when leaving the surgery after talking about T3! The noise comes from feelings of frustration and cognition that I am really angry followed by the realisation that I have to be in control. Thanks Angel of the North.



Big like!

Oh my goodness I'm so sorry. Hopefully the drugs will continue to work. I'm having a struggle with my GP about being referred for an echocardiogram. When it's your heart it seems like they'd take notice.

Really sorry you are having to struggle with your GP. They should take notice if it is your heart. Has she or he decided to refer you? If not, phone the Primary Care Trust (are they still PCTs) and Patient Liaison Service (PALs) to complain.

As for my heart condition - well - it has probably been there for a while but with the aneamia and the VD3 deficiency, aching joints and muscles etc etc ad nauseum it was never really spotted. GP did send me for an exercise test back in 2010. Very witty.

Fortunately, she is on the ball with diabetes so she refers on request. Won't do T3 therapy though. I have found that if I refer to all my problems as being related to diabetes, she listens. Now this makes my blood boil because I agree with everyone who has commented here about the lack of NHS support for thyroid issues. Still we are out of the kitchen and sisters (and brothers) are doin' it for themselves.

Good luck and here is a quote from Gandhi - First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

I think this should be our motto!!!



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