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My recent forage into lymphatic drainage massage has really highlighted that I have mildish Myxedema on my arms. Can't do the pinch test at all, jst solid. My legs seem ok but I'm sure it's in my stomach too. Has anyone gone back to normal ie no horrible mucin once they were on right amount of meds? I have just gone up to 100mcg of levo but my TSH has sat at 2.6 for a good few years. I realise I've been under medicated for quite some time. Any advice on this and how many of us have it? Xxx

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janiebell I'd like to know how may have this too! Must go visit my osteopath again, as aching/solid stiffness is back with a vengence & brain fog (I've lessened the Vit d supplements in the vague hope of sunshine!) a link to the pinch test here.... J :D


(TSH 2.6 is still high, most feel better when it's under 1 as you probably know already- hope the increase helps x)


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