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Borderline Hypothyroid / linked to Fibrocystic breast disease

I have Fibrocystic breast disease and went to my GP with this problem , but also saying how my joints ached and felt very exhausted. Bloods done saying I was Borderline Hypothyroid and to recheck in 3 months. When seen at my Breast clinic and asked them about the link to low thyroxine level & FBD I was shot down in flames.

My GP has not given me Thyroxine to take , but the information obtained from the web states that, women in menopause with FBD do have low thyroid levels.

Any other women out suffering like me.

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There are abstracts on Pub med that seem to support your view of a possible link between the two. In your situation, I would be very tempted to print a few out and take them to my show GP. As you are already experiencing sypmtoms typical of low thyroid hormone levels, and have a borderline test result, it may be sufficient to persuade him/her to give you a 'trial' of thyroxine 'to see if it helps'.


hello, you could try visiting Dr Brownstein had done very thorough research into the links between thyroid problems and breast disease. A good place to start is with his dvd about Iodine. He seems to be about the only person I have come accross who really seems to understand how the entire endocrine system works and how to get it back in balance. His books are really great too.


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